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Henschel 126, PK-26 from 1974/5, original boxing and decals with some light cockpitology and home made vac canopy:





WIP is here if you are interested. I said I was going to take some better pictures, but I will put these up otherwise I will forget. Now I've got a desert camo example to do after my SdKfz 251!




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Took a while to get the pics, but here is my build of the Matchbox A-7D Corsair II. I improved the cockpit but otherwise it is pretty much OOB.


DSC06171-crop DSC06169-crop DSC06167-crop

I should really have replaced the weapons and ejector racks, both of which are pretty crude, but I have rather a lot of builds on the go due to a pile-up of GB I want to enter in the first half of this year, so I left it as Matchbox intended.



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PK-78 M16 Half Track with an added Matchbox P5002 American Infantry figure....


Had some overcast but bright conditions,  which gives a soft light and avoids hard shadows, and so did a few shots. 

Did a little cropping and rotated a couple. 


51908547602_ac3e2673d8_b.jpg50620002 by losethekibble, on Flickr

51910139645_b619436f65_b.jpg50620004 by losethekibble, on Flickr

51909834384_2c015bb2ce_b.jpg50620005 by losethekibble, on Flickr

51909516271_ef3263402c_b.jpg50620006 by losethekibble, on Flickr


50620007 by losethekibble, on Flickr


build thread here.


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PK-175, Monty's Caravan, Leland Retreiver somewhere in North Africa along with a Daimler MkII Scout Car of the 10th Royal Hussars. Built OOB apart from some glazing. Painted with Humbrol, Revell and Citadel sands and greys. I do like these Matchbox diorama bases. I had as much fun making and painting it as I did the vehicles and figures. 











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Curtiss SBC-4 Helldiver


Air Group Commander. USS Enterprise (CV-6)

1/72 Matchbox


The stash is now Matchboxless! Only the 2nd aircraft I have tried rigging since I came back to the hobby 15 years ago.


SBC-4 Helldiver


SBC-4 Helldiver


SBC-4 Helldiver


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Here we go, the Matchbox PK-4153 VW Scirocco is officially finished.  It's mostly out-of-the-box.  The most obvious addition are the dodgy home-made number plates (as bad as they are, the model looks a lot better than it did without them).  Under the bonnet I've added ignition leads, a representation of the brake servo and windscreen washer bottle.  On the interior I added pedals and seat belts (not that you can really see them). The rear bumper mounts were shortened and the side marker lights were removed for a more European look.












Full details of the build and all the methods used can be found in the build thread linked below:



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My Buccaneer build is finally done. What started as an out the box build got a bit more involved as it went along. A few aftermarket sets got added, nothing much, but it took the build slightly away from my usual stock as a rock builds. 

I really like the look of the real thing and can see me getting seriously tempted by the new Airfix 1.48 kit when it turns up.












Build thread here...



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Here's my first completion of the Group Build , the Percival Provost .  Built OOB and with mostly kit decals . Just had to replace the roundels with Modeldecals .










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Rockwell Buckeye T2C of VT19 of the US Navy based at NAS Meridian in 1975. Finished OOB with Citadel Ceramite White and Xtracrylix Signal Red. All brought together with Liquitex Satin Varnish. 











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Here we go, Matchbox PK-308 Porsche 935, bought as a part-started kit from eBay.  Most of the body and part of the engine was assembled and there were no decals.  It's almost completely as Matchbox supplied apart from some styrene strip used to add some texture to the transaxle moulding.  Decals came from Indy Decals in the USA and aren't completely right for this version of the 935 as the cut-outs for the NACA ducts in the rear wings don't line up and require some cutting and splicing.  It also lacks the "Martini Porsche" decal that is shown on the front bumper in the box art.












The build thread is linked below:



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Here's my Armstrong Whitworth Siskin Mk.IIIa...19 Squadron, late 1920s, early 30s.  Xtradecal roundels, Model Maker numbers and letters.  I masked and airbrushed the checkerboards on the top wing and the fuselage sides.  Other than that, OOB.  Great little kit and a very handsome looking aircraft if I say so myself.  


WiP is here...




















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Here's the 1979 AMT release of Matchbox's 1974 PK-024 Brewster Buffalo. I scratch built a cockpit out of styrene, with instrument panel decals and seat belts out of the spares bin. The engine, prop, and spinner were missing from my kit, so I substituted the same from an even earlier Revell kit. The engine received detailing in the form of styrene rod pushrod covers, lead wire ignition loom, styrene and lead crankcase details, and spark plug leads from fine copper wire. The wheels and tires were replaced with appropriate-sized replacements from the spares bin (I think Airfix Fw.190?) and modified with hub covers made from styrene card.


Markings, also scrounged entirely from the spares bin, represent Buffalo AX814, one of three FAA 805 Sqn Buffaloes dispatched to Crete during the invasion of Greece. AX814 never made it into the fight as she was strafed on the ground while down for maintenance and awaiting spare parts.


51931106963_2b27abf96a_k.jpgIMG_5364 by Evan Bailly, on Flickr


51931640880_c1189e5d63_k.jpgIMG_5373 by Evan Bailly, on Flickr


51931025106_8db8bc7766_k.jpgIMG_5376 by Evan Bailly, on Flickr


51931640705_bc694588df_k.jpgIMG_5366 by Evan Bailly, on Flickr


51931640565_9f013ada44_k.jpgIMG_5370 by Evan Bailly, on Flickr

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Hi folk's,the lovely little Sabre,probably one of the best of the bunch as far as MB goes yes it's simplified but they did a great job

of the panel lines.After a hard time with the decals on earlier builds I went for an AM set to avoid the dreaded metal finish so she

represents the colours of the Iranian air force.












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