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Human figures

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Hello all, I was wondering if anyone has a good source for human figures for crewing their creations. Ideally looking for ways to create the figures but a link to pre-existing ones would be good too. I've found MakeHuman and Poser. The Blender aspect of MakeHuman is a bit off-putting (learning cliff) and Poser is too many pennies (for me) for a niche aspect of the hobby. What are other people's approaches to this?



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I have the same problems and found a workaround was to order these 275 figures off CGtrader for only $10 or thereabouts.


They are STL files that you download and print yourself, which means that they can be scaled up or down to fit.  Although they are of civilians they can soon be modified to military figures,  with the likes of Mr Surfacer 500;  Squadron Green Putty and Milliput etc.


Herewith views of some figures that I've printed so far and am in the process of modifying to military poses. 


This small one is to 1:144 scale



these are just a few of the 275 figures and are printed at 1:24 scale



The two scales placed together.




Swap out the block of wood, eraser and plastic boxes for vehicles and buildings etc., and I should end up with a nice little dio.


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