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MIG 15 - Trumpeter 1:48

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Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG 15 Bis, Red 40, 1953


I completed my model of this Soviet fighter which I finished with the colors and markings of the mount of pilot Nikolay Shkodin, who obtained five victories during the Korean war. I chose not to install the provided jet engine inside the fuselage and to display it next to the aircraft. For increased detailing, I used aftermarket seatbelt, instrument panel and main wheels from Eduard's.







The jet engine Klimov-vk1 which is provided with the kit is adequately reproduced for this scale and, as said, I am displaying it on a static stand which was scratch built.




The model was finished with mixes of Tamiya acrylic colors, while Vallejo metallic paints were used for the metallic finished parts. I sprayed the camouflage bands free-hand to obtain feathered demarcations, however, I am afraid that the obtained effect that might be a bit out of scale.





I replaced the 2 x 23 mm gun muzzles with aluminium tubes, while the muzzle of the 37 mm cannon is an Eduard replacement.


I also substantially modified the oversimplified pilot seat to better reproduce the type which was used at the time of the depicted aircraft.


Panel lines were obtained by oil colors washes and other small stains with watercolor pencils.



This is my first Russian subject and I found it rather an interesting aircraft to build (the build log can be found under this link: MiG15 build log).


I hope that you like my final pictures. 
Best regards,

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