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Remove Before Flight Tags White/Black (3DL48051 & 52) 1:48

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Remove Before Flight Tags White/Black (3DL48051 & 52)

1:48 Eduard SPACE




Eduard have joined the 3D printed decal revolution with their SPACE range, and we’re becoming used to them producing their instrument panel sets, which are great by the way.  I’ve used a set recently and they’re as good in use as they look on the decal paper, and now we have new sets of Remove Before Flight (RBF) tags in two flavours with white or black writing on a standard red tag.  As usual with Eduard's Photo-Etch (PE), SPACE and Mask sets, they arrive in a flat resealable package with appropriate branding, a white backing card protecting the contents and the instructions that are sandwiched between.




Each sheet contains 38 tags that are approximately 17mm x 2mm, and are printed in red, with inset “Remove Before Flight” text in white or black, depending on which set you’re looking at.  There are eight types, all differing very subtly in terms of text size and placement apart from number 8, which has text printed on the rear too.  Those were the ones I used to test them out, mainly so I could see how the text looked.  It looks great.






In use they’re very simple and you just cut one out and place it in water for a few seconds until you can remove the tag from the backing paper.  I dabbed the decals on kitchen roll to remove excess moisture, then crinkled them a little in my hands.  The end result is very realistic due to the thickness, the manner in which the material flexes, and the silvery ring on the top edge that finishes the look.




A very realistic-looking set of RBF tags that will give your models an extra degree of authenticity when you’re depicting your model on the ground and at rest.


Very highly recommended.


White Text (3DL48051)



Black Text (3DL48052)



Review sample courtesy of




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