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Air-Graphics 2022 catalogue


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In Air-Graphics Newsletter 4 - December 2021 you can find a catalogue 2022-2023.

Source: https://img1.wsimg.com/blobby/go/bf85fbf2-2d34-4acd-b014-778f37b089c4/downloads/Newsletter Dec 2021.pdf


The new products for 2022.


Complete Resin Kits:

  • AIRK72-01 - Westland Wasp HAS.1 - thread
  • AIRK72-02 - Auster AOP.9 - thread
  • AIRK72-03 - Westland Scout AH.1 - thread
  • AIRK72-04 - Avro Anson C.19/T.21 - thread
  • AIRK72-05 - Canadair CT-114 Tutor - thread




Conversion Sets:

  • Hawk 200 (Due Feb 2022)
  • Tornado ERC/IDS German Air Force Update Set Post 2017
  • Lynx AH-9 Conversion Set Lynx AH-9A Conversion Set
  • S70B-2 Seahawk (RAN) Interior Set
  • A-109A British SAS Conversion Set (May 2022)
  • EH-101 Merlin HC4 Conversion Set
  • HS Gnat T1 RAE Bedford Conversion
  • McDD A-4K Kahu Skyhawk Update set
  • EH-101 Merlin HC4 Interior set
  • EH-101/CH-149 Cormorant Detail set
  • Puma HC2 Update Set
  • Agusta/Bell AB-212 ASW Conversion set
  • HH-101 Caesar SAR Conversion set
  • French Army Gazelle Update set
  • Indian Air Force Jaguar Update and Detail Set.


In-The-Hanger Series:

  • Leyland Hippo Refueller (Ex Model Alliance)
  • Bloodhound Missile Set
  • Land Rover S3 Light-weight Series
  • Land Rover SWB Defender Series
  • Land Rover LWB S3 Series Range Rover
  • TACR2 RAF Taskmaster Tractor RAF
  • Unimog Tow Tractor French Air Force
  • Weapons Loader French Air Force Tow Tractor
  • More GPU’s and Ground Support Equipment
  • New sets of RAF Figures


Military Series:

  • Bushmaster Interior set
  • Bedford MK Series
  • Australian Army Unimog Conversion
  • Stalwart Bulk Refuelling Pack for ACE Models kit
  • Oto Melara Pack 105 Howitzer
  • Special Forces Motor Bike
  • Peugeot P4 Jeep
  • New Zealand SAS Humvee Conversion
  • Centurion AVRE
  • Modern Weapons sets
  • Modern Figure Sets



  • AIR72-021 RAF Op Granby Special
  • AIR72-022 RAF Transport Aircraft Post 1950 Part 1
  • AIR72-023 Beechcraft King Air B200 Series
  • AIR72-024 Retro Series Part 1 – 1994 D-Day 50th Anniversary Sheet


Accessories: 50+ Sets Planned for this year including

  • HOT Missile Set
  • Hellfire Missile Set
  • VC-10 Sets
  • Comet Sets
  • Valetta Sets
  • Twin Pioneer Sets
  • Penguin Missiles
  • RAPTOR Pod
  • Spear Missiles
  • Seahawk folding rotor blades
  • CH-47F Engine Set for Australian Army
  • Harrier AV-8B/GR7/9 wing







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  • Homebee changed the title to Air-Graphics 2022 projects, programme and releases

The Comet sets, as and when they appear, will make me very happy. One of the most insurmountable hurdles with attacking my Mach 2 kit is the unusability of the wheels, and Nimrod wheels just won't cut it!

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  • Homebee changed the title to Air-Graphics 2022 catalogue

A wide and varied range and to be encouraged even although I do not do much 1/72 modelling these days.


Obviously makes good sense especially in today's rather strained business environment not to to overstretch into multiple scales but the projects here perhaps illustrate the gaps in the 1/48 market for UK/European subjects especially. 

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Nah nothing here for me this year; I think I'll pass... 



ONLY JOKING!!! :rofl: Air Graphics will be getting some of my disposable £ once again this year - for all those essential little items; and looking at the list maybe some bigger stuff too. This year I may well concentrate on detailing projects (or dioramas) of kits in my stash rather than adding any new kits - and Air Graphics target my primary interest areas - so its my go to place when I start putting together a project. 



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On 1/14/2022 at 12:01 PM, fightersweep said:

Never bought an Air Graphics kit before, but I WANT that AOP9 and the Anson C.19. Can't wait! Any ideas on what the prices may be as I'm not familiar with them.



Me too - can't wait for the Auster AOP.9 and Anson C.19 kits - at last something not made as injection kits by anyone else. Also the Wasp and Scout kits will save all that conversion hassle.

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  • 2 months later...

Source: https://www.facebook.com/airgraphicmodels/posts/2503498013117386


We are working on some sets for the new Airfix Meteor F8 kit in 1/72 scale. Due October/November 2022.

If anyone has any other ideas for the Meteor, please get in touch.

Also, does anyone know the ejector seat in the Meteor D16 as it looks like a Martin Baker Mk.10 seat?


278578349-2503497839784070-1569897153497  278286699-2503497856450735-8005109467032





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I hope the high skids for the Kiowa are brass and not resin. I have a set of earlier resin skids from the previous incarnation of Airgraphics Models (at least I think it was them) and they were misshapen and useless, unfortunately.



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- ref. AC-312 - ACES II Ejector Seats - https://air-graphics.uk/shop/ols/products/ac-312-aces-ii-ejector-seats

- ref. AC-313 - Raptor Reconnaissance Pod

- ref. AC-325 - HS Red Top Missiles (Pack of 2. Clear Resin heads) - https://air-graphics.uk/shop/ols/products/ac-325-hs-red-top-air-to-air-missiles

- ref. AC-390 - Boeing RC-135/E-6B Mercury Milstar Dome - https://air-graphics.uk/shop/ols/products/ac-390-rc-135e-6b-mercury-milstar-dome

- ref. AC-401 - Martin baker Mk.6 Ejector seat (Pack of 2) - https://air-graphics.uk/shop/ols/products/ac-401-martin-baker-mk6-ejector-seats

- ref. AC-410 - McDD F-4C/D/E/F/G Phantom USAF correct wing pylons - https://air-graphics.uk/shop/ols/products/ac-410-usaf-f-4-cdeg-phantom-full-weapon-pylon-set

- ref. AC-451 - BAe Sky Flash Missiles (Pack of 4 missiles for RAF Phantoms or Tornado F3) - https://air-graphics.uk/shop/ols/products/ac-451-bae-sky-flash-missile-set





277777033-2496209630512891-4483644084999 277792636-2496209617179559-8485953692352


278361555-2501053596695161-6126761386938 278289613-2501053606695160-2681848690333


278117173-2501053616695159-1264588976544 278550303-2501053703361817-3990429195620



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