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Fire Fighting Invader.

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Another finisher to start this new year started about a couple months ago as an on/off wip and just completed a couple days ago., the Italeri DouglasA-26 Invader completed as a Canadian fire bomber based in Alberta.  Operated by Airspray registered C-FCUI.  The only major work I did was to blank off the turret openings and painted over the nose glazing leaving only the bomb aimer flat window as per the real aeroplane which has a light in place of the bomb sight.   The only one in the fleet as far as I am aware as all the others were the more rounded solid nose variant.  All decals by Leading Edge Decals.  

My thanks to a member here who sold me the kit. Enjoy.






I added the sccops on top of fuselage as per photos included with the decals. Note the white washed rear glazing.





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Thanks for sharing. I once flew on a different aircraft with a guy who had flown Invaders with Airspray. His job interview consisted of “Get in the airplane, let’s go flying.” Roaring over the prairie, he told him how to aim. “Drop half the load (water) on that tree.” He missed, badly. Here is what you did wrong. Tried again, missed. Not as bad, back to airport. “ You’re hired. My colleague asked if there was a sit down interview to go over his flying experience. Response was, “We are in the water bombing business, if you hit the target, you are useful, if you can’t you are useless. I think you are trainable, I don’t care what your resume says.” Definitely the best job interview story I have ever heard. 

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Back in 1986, Airspray had their Invaders based up here in Fort McMurray.I took some time to go to the airport and get some photos.
























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Hi Chris, great photos! Shame I didn't  see these while my model was on build. They would have  been  invaluable. 

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