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Cleaning models


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Any tips appreciated.


Got 4 8foot diormamas with about 50 models. Builder has been chucking up flats not 40 feet away. Rather than

keep his own dust he has been sharing it. Very thickly over 2 years.


So I now am going to clean. Most are 1/48. Got a small vac which also can accommodate wetness.


Tried a small area. Top dust comes of but the remainder needs water or  liquid to release it. It is not sticky but is still a little squidgy.


Any great ideas greatly awarded with a big thank you.





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I use a blower brush intended for camera lenses - good for blowing dust off, and the brush is soft enough to remove more stubborn debris. Still need to be careful around the delicate bits though......


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Well in the end I removed as much dust as possible with a small vacumn cleaner with a chisel edge.


However this left residue. We have had builders constructing a block of flats opposite this may be the source of a slight stickiness.


Not deterred I took each one to the kitchen sink draining part. Sprayed with water & with a soft brush washed the model.

Dried as much as possible & all went well.


This is the little vacuum cleaner.  I have 4* 8foot long diorama with grass runways etc & this cleans all the rubbish .






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