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1/32 Tamiya F-16 Aggressor

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This is the best F-16 kit out there in my humble opinion, I did use a few after-market bits though, Reset exhaust nozzle, the wolf pack jamming pod, the Aires undercarriage, the main tractor is Aero bonus, and the other trucks are verlinden, and my favourite figure are from Reedoak

decals are from Afterburner



64th Aggressor Squadron


To prepare warfighters to win in air combat against any adversary.

Respected, requested, required air combat adversaries.


Lines of Effort
Know, Teach, Replicate


Personnel and Resources
The squadron operates 30 F-16C/M aircraft, providing realistic, threat-representative, near-peer adversary air for high-end US and coalition training.


The Aggressor program began in the fall of 1972 with the activation of the 64th Aggressor Squadron. This program started as a direct result of the high air combat loss rate experienced in the Vietnam War. A professional adversary force conducting a program of intense dissimilar air combat training was identified as the best means to remedy this result. This new training replaced pilots flying the same type aircraft in mock combat at their home bases with Aggressor pilots and controllers flying and employing tactics that emulated the former Soviet Union and other potential adversaries.

Over the years the Aggressor Squadrons have flown the T-38, F-5, F-15C, and currently F-16 aircraft.  As a result of defense budget cuts, the last Aggressor squadron was deactivated in October 1990 and reformed as the Adversary Tactics Division under the 414th Combat Training Squadron, or Red Flag.


After twelve years as the professional adversaries for Red Flag, demands began to exceed the reduced Aggressor charter. The 64th Aggressor Squadron was reactivated on Oct. 3, 2003. The principal testament to the value of the Aggressor program is the consistent dominance of our Air Force during recent conflicts.



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Wow, stunning build, really like the paintwork and the control you've got over the panel line wash to bring out the rivets on the contrasting colours.




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Fantastic result! I agree this is the best F-16 kit around I've built two of them. 

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That is incredible, it might be a great kit (which is great as I have it in the stash), but your finish is awesome, the scene around it is fantastic as well.

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