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Hi all.


Sometimes I feel the need to make a quick model, to see something built, painted and finished and in which I did not spend a lot of time. And it has to be a good quality kit so as not to waste time correcting mistakes.
So, I've been wanting to do something for a while but I didn't know what kit to use and a few days ago I saw Short Cummins starting the AT-RT kit belonging to the expansion unit of the STAR WARS Legion game. And it seemed perfect in all aspects: small, apparently simple, very well molded pieces and one of my favorite  like SW. I will try to make some  unit shown in the series "The Clone Wars".

A few days ago I received the kit and this weekend I have made some progress.

The first thing was to paint the armament, for which I have used Alclad steel and shiny black from Vallejo, and I have used the reverse technique of the dry brush since I first applied the steel and later I have used the very very diluted black applying several washes.
















Andrés S.




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I've just completed the rebels version of this, basically the same vehicle but with a different figure, I really enjoyed it, I'm sure you'll also have fun




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Thanks guys !!


Advances in the painting of the "motorcycle". And it is that the part where the soldier sits and controls the vehicle powerfully reminds me of the shape and fairing that the BMW K-75RT had.


After searching and rummaging, since I did not remember the episode where these vehicles appear, I have decided to paint it in a rough way.


The main color has been Tamiya XF-53 diluted 95 percent with XF-2 white. Then I used AMMO green for the interior of American aircraft during WW2 and for the characteristic red color of SW ships, Vallejo's cavalry red. For the seat I have used chocolaty brown lightened with Vallejo red leather and various details also with Vallejo.


I have solved the peeling of the green paint using the sponge method with liquid masking prior to applying it.


The dirt has been with dark brown Vallejo colors.


Final satin varnish with Vallejo.


I have not been able to resist modifying the base of the communication antennas, which are carried on the tail, cutting a portion and inserting small 0.6 mm aluminum tubes that will be the base for them.














Andrés S.



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And today I finished the legs of the this "chicken" ...


I have also once again not been able to resist trying to detail the model a bit. As in the background it reminds me of a motorcycle but with legs I have added some cables that start from the handlebar grips and are inserted into it as on a motorcycle. For this I have used stretched white plastic and small sections of yellow telephone cable sleeve for its connectors.


I have reproduced the dirt with several Vallejo references (engine dirt, drained oil, etc.) and the outlined with oil. The actuators  on the legs have been painted with Alclad chrome.

Chipping with the sponge and Vallejo technique.


The varnishing has  returned to a satin from Vallejo.




















Andrés S.

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17 hours ago, Andrés S. said:


I have also once again not been able to resist trying to detail the model a bit.


It is a typical symptom. Resistance is futile 😉

And your 'chicken" looks great.

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Thank you guys for your kind words !!!!


And finished soldier / driver. For his painting I have had as a reference the following photo.






I have used the references of white from Vallejo MC, Camouflage green from Vallejo's Game Color range and American uniform green also from Vallejo MC.

I have removed the communications antenna from the helmet, because it is too thick, and I have replaced it with stretched plastic. I have done the same as I anticipated, with the antennas of the radios that go on the tail.

When I find a base of the right dimensions and make a small piece of land for it, I will put it in finished models.























Andrés S.

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12 hours ago, Andrés S. said:




I wouldn't want to argue with that dude!


Fine modelling skills on show here!




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Thank you all for your kind words.


After a few days I have finished the base for this little model. It's nothing elaborate but I wouldn't know how to make it more complicated either.


If anyone is interested in seeing the finished model, they can do so at the following link.






Andrés S.



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