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[REVELL 1/72] Hunter F.6

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Hi there!

First I'd like to wish you all an happy new year!

Health, happiness and brouzoufs for 2022!


To start 2022 nicely, I've opened a box that should please you Brits.


The very nice looking Hawker Hunter F.6 from Revell in 1/72!

There were some goodies in the box, but after a quick look at the sprues, I've decided not to use, as I just want to keep the build simple.

Modeller's datafile say this is a nice kit, with just a few errors/problems, most of them easy to correct. 

I only regret the lack of external load, with only a pair of tank and Sidewinders. 





I've in the stash an old Xtradecal decal sheet dedicated to International Hunters, and the one and only F.6 there suits me well.

So be it, my Hunter'll be Saudi.                                                                                                                                                         



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And I started... with the wings!

The intakes needs a bit of cleaning.




The position lights will be made of transparent sprues, so I need to cut the originals.





First correction needed. Revell has represented the dogtooth apart, as well as the wingtips. But those parts are thicker than the wings at the attachment point. Easy to correct with a bit of sanding, taking care to refresh the panel line from time to time. The corrected part is on the left, I'll still have to use some surfacer to smooth the trench in between the parts.




Second correction on the wings, the dogtooth present a little hole near the pointy end, that I fill with putty. I'll smoother it with surfacer tomorrow.



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Time to close the fuselage. The fit is perfect, just pay attention to the cockpit tube.                                                           




Then the wings. 





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