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Bulk buying "nose" weight - a cheap alternative to Liquid Gravity.


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I have just bought a 7KG tub of these - Atacama Atabites, which are intended to weigh down loud-speaker stands, but will obviously be of use in the modelling community. The discs are 2mm by 1mm (or slightly less). The whole 7KG tub cost just under £30.00 delivered so I think you'll agree that works out a darn sight cheaper than Liquid Gravity. I think even just a kilo of these would have lasted me for the rest of my life, but 7KG was the only size available.

I've put a standard tin of 14ml Humbrol paint in the tub to give an idea of the size of the discs 


This is where I got them from:


Being steal (and hence liable to rust) it is probably best to avoid using water based glue.


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