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Stevehnz 2021


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My best year for a few, managed 9 builds to completion, 50% more than the previous 2 years combined. :)

A carry over from last year but completed this year for the Heller Classic GB was this Heller AT-6 in Belgian colours as operated from the Belgian Air Force's Kamina base in the Katanga Province of the then Belgium Congo.


Then there was the Airfix Strikemaster in RNZAF colours for the Australian & New Zealand GB in memory of Andy Scott (Silverfox as he was known on Britmodeller )


Then came an A-4b of VA86 The Sidewinders from 1960 in the A-4 STGB


The less than a Tenner GB saw the elderly KP Avia B.35 fighter built. Enjoyed doing the camo scheme on this one.


The F6F Hellcat STGB saw me build the old Matchbox Hellcat with Printscale decals for a Hellcat of VOF.1 taking part in Op Dragoon, the invasion of Southern France, one of the few USN Hellcats to sport German kill marks.


For the F-16 STGB it was a F-16C of the USAF at the time of Op Desert Storm. sporting a short lived experimental desert scheme courtesy of Hi-Decals.


The French Fancy GB featured a Heller SNCASE Mistral, the idea of a hot rod Vampire really appealled, there was still barely enough room for nose weight though.


For the high wing GB there was a Special Hobby Do 27 in Belgium Army Aviation Branch colours. A really nice kit to build.


& last up for the year, just squeaking in with a 31 Dec finish was the Italeri BAE Hawk 51 in Finnish colours.



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They look very nice indeed Steve.  

I particularly like that many of them are unusual subjects in the less common air force markings which make for interesting review.


Good stuff, Steve, thanks for sharing.

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Great to see a yearbook from you Steve, looks like you've got your modelling space back and are going great guns. 

That's a great haul for the year, all have come out wonderfully well. 


Cheers, congratulations and Happy New Year.. Dave 

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Thanks Dave, the modelling roost is a bit ad hoc still but it works, the important thing. A lot of it is state of mind, I've learnt to rationalise my time better. More for me & less for someone else I know quite well. That is working too. :)

Happy New Year to you & yours Dave, & anyone else who looks in. 


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Thanks @PattheCat & belatedly @Wulfman, very kind of you to say so. :)

I have realised too that I have not acknowledged most who have been so kind with compliments on my efforts, so to @mark.au, @Rabbit Leader@Stef N., @bigbadbadge, @GREG DESTEC, @Bertie Psmith, @AdrianMF, @Sky Keg, @exdraken & @PlaStix many thanks gentlemen & my apologies for my tardiness.


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