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48N6E of 5P85S TEL S-300PMU SA-10 Gumble (82929) 1/72 HOBBYBOSS via Creative Models


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48N6E of 5P85S TEL S-300PMU SA-10 Gumble (82929)
1/72 HOBBYBOSS via Creative Models




The S300 Missile System (NATO codename SA-10 Grumble) is a Russian developed long range Surface to Air Missile System. The 48N6E part designates the missile which is a newer one doubling the range of the older system. This is a 1500kg missile with an 143 Kgs warhead. The missile has a range of upto 150 kms up to 32000 feet. The 5P85S designates the TEL (Transport erector launcher). This carries 4 missiles. Form stop to ready takes 5 minutes then there is a 22 second reaction time. The system can work with the 64N6 Big Bird target acquisition radar, the  30N6E1 Tomb Stone target tracking radar; and the  5N66M/76N6E Clam Shell height finding radar. The vehicle chassis is the same across the Radar, command centre, and launcher vehicles. 

The Kit
This is a brand new tool kit from HobbyBoss, first inspection reveals some very finely moulded parts in the box. The vehicle chassis is moulded as one part, and all the missile tubes are single piece hollow moulded. As well as the single chassis part the Cab & rear command module are single part mouldings, there are a further 4 spures, a clear sprue; and 8 rubber tyres.  Construction starts with the chassis, even though the single part moulding is impressive it still needs the drive train and cross bracings to be attached. Once these are on the rest f the axles, suspension units and wheels can be fitted. The rubber tyres fit straight to the wheels. Next the storage boxes afix to the chassis and the hydraulic levellers for when the TEL is active. 






Once the chassis is complete we move onto the cab. The internal structure for the driving position is assembled and fitted into the single part cab moulding with the glass going in first. The underside parts can now be fitted. A frame is attached to the chassis and the Cab unit fits onto this Next u the module behind the cab is assembled and attached to the same frame. The TEL part of the unit is next to be assembled. Care must be taken with this in order for it to move. The main rear floor is then built up with mud guards being added along with tool lockers between the rear axles. The TEL mechanism then fits under and through the flooring so that the supporting parts are under the floor, the mount for the missile tubes is a above the floor and the raising hydraulic jack goes through the cut out and joins them both. The four single part missile tubes have their end caps attached and then can be mounted to the launcher. In front of the tubes the missile control module is then built up and attached. Once this is done the rear parts are then attached to the chassis.  









Decals are provided for 9 different launchers, all with differing camo schemes. There is no information whatever about these schemes which is disappointment given the quality of the kit.



This is a great looking kit from HobbyBoss and their attention to detail is to be commended, only let down is no information for the decals. Overall high;y recommended.





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35 minutes ago, bentwaters81tfw said:

That looks interesting. Moulding the chassis in one piece is novel. Trumpy would have used about 300 bits for that.

They did in 1/35 !

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