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Collect-Aire 1/48 XYF2Y Sea Dart Jet Skiing anyone?

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MY final build for 2021 Collect-Aire's 1/48 XYF2Y Sea Dart.

For the most part straight out of the box I did print  new bang seat, cockpit panels and afterburner cans. The striping was masked and painted(more than once)











 The WIP can be found here:

Thanks for stopping by and having a look see. All comments, suggestions and general mayhem are always welcome. 

So until next year. Keep on modeling!:pilot:

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  • LorenSharp changed the title to Collect-Aire 1/48 XYF2Y Sea Dart Jet Skiing anyone?
37 minutes ago, dnl42 said:

Nice work on that! :clap2:


Quite the unusual aircraft, it will stand out in the display cabinet.

Thanks! With all the test aircraft subjects on the shelf its turning into quite the menagerie.

14 minutes ago, ejboyd5 said:

I'm overwhelmed by the complexity of the masking. Well done.

Thanks! There were a bunch on redos on that masking for sure. But eventually got it to sort itself out.

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13 hours ago, aerotechi said:

I have never seen a model of the sea dart and yours is an excellent example!

Thanks I'm glad you enjoyed it:thumbsup:


7 hours ago, billn53 said:

I enjoyed watching the build in progress, and the final result is outstanding!

Thanks Bill it was a different kind of build that's for sure.


6 hours ago, 85sqn said:

Love it! Such a cool jet, I managed to see one once in San Diego

I hope it compares to the original.:thanks:


5 hours ago, sammy da fish said:

Like your choice of model, you done very well.


Thanks Sammy I'm glad you like it.


15 minutes ago, Serkan Sen said:

Lovely build Loren, congratulations. I must admit that I haven't seen this aircraft before... 🙃


Thanks Serkan. You know me, never a dull moment when it come to  building "old" subjects. Sometimes the more obscure, the better.

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3 minutes ago, exdraken said:

A screaming loud SeaDart!


Great result!

It does seem to want to  sneak up behind you to smack you up the side of the head all the while screaming.... "I'm Here!"

Still trying to fathom what they were thinking when they did the paint job. But it was San Diego in the early 50's, so go figure.

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