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AdrianMF's strange 2021


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It's been a bit strange this year (no s**t Sherlock) and my modelling output has been even more idiosyncratic than usual too. All 1/72 except where noted.


I wrapped up my Heller group builds with a Vampire and the Dewoitine D-510 to go with the 501 that I buiit last year:




Heller French fighters group shot:



I've had the old and basic Airfix 1/750-ish Cutty Sark sitting on the bench for a while so I gave myself a KUTA and got on with it:



Also the Airfix Hawker P1127 from an old type 3 bag:



I don't know why, but I got a thing going for Polikarpov Po-2s. First two from IOM (Russian, "inspired heavily" by the KP moulding, strangely enjoyable kits), one as an ambulance, one with a fun-to-do winter scheme:



Then I did the ICM version, which is a little gem and has lots of small parts that are very easy to lose:


Finally in the "Less than a Tenner" GB I did a two quid KP baggie (no decals) in Finnish markings:


Group shot:



"Less than a Tenner" GB also gave me a KP Letov S-16:


...and a Revell Nieuport 28:


... and finally a Rareplanes vac Spiteful:


... completing four builds for under a tenner all-in. Great fun:


Still on a Russian theme, I got in a heavily-modified FROG Tupolev SB-2:



Anything but Injection GB yielded a paper 1:1 Hummingbird:


... the totally scratchbuilt Reid and Sigrist RS-1 Snargasher, which I think is my project of the year:




... a Magna Resin Gloster F5/34  that I've had for ages in the stash:



With the RS-1 I think I can declare that my RAF trainers collection is now officially getting out of hand:



A cheeky Airfix 109E in the "Bf109" GB:



Followed by a Heller 109C because I wanted an early green splinter version:



"High Wing" GB had the ZTS Plastyk RWD-5, cheap, cool colour scheme, fun build, notable for a modified version flying non-stop across the Atlantic:



Then I got into a bit of a SPAD theme because Mrs MF (a lover of all things Italian) suggested a vignette showing a photo of Francesco Barraca in front of his SPAD. So I gathered together some SPAD models and built an ESCI Italian:


(Thanks @Terry1954 for the decals!)

... an Academy RFC instance (I will reverse the colours on the rudder!):


.., a Revell USAS version:


... then I tried to reproduce the photo in question with some parts from the Eduard RFC 1917 set:





... just in time for presents on Christmas Day!


Twenty-one finished this year. Somehow modelling felt a bit harder to get on with this year compared to last. I want to try and finish some of the unfinished projects.


"Unfinished"? Er, well, ahem, [shuffle] there are some unfinished projects lurking.


The SPAD tally includes an Airfix VII and an Eduard XIII that have yet to complete (will both be French instances):



The superb ICM SB-2 started in parallel with the FROG build but still languishes waiting for me to get the green squiggly bits done:



In the "Bristol" GB I started a conversion from the FROG Blenheim to the original Type 142, got it to the paint stage in WIP and am now on my fourth attempt to re-mask, sand and repaint a disastrous shiny silver finish. We are taking a little break from this one! Shown here before I started to ruin it:



The Empire Boat and the Fairey Long Range Monoplane are still on the shelf of shame but I fully intend to get to them next year (that's right, just what I said last year...).


Wait, there's a started, cut-up FROG Baltimore on the shelf?? Wha-a-...!


Thanks for all the entertainment, feedback and support this year. Britmodeller is playing a leading role in keeping me sane in amongst all the real world excitement.

Regards and Happy 2022,




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Hi Adrian, that's some output! I like that one with the winter camo. Your Snargasher build was great to follow, I like how you tackled that little project. Let's get some of those builds over the line in 2022 eh!

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Very impressive output Adrian!


I'm hard pushed to pick a favourite as they are all so good, but for me it is very satisfying to see Francesco Baracca's Spad making excellent use of the decals in particular, so that one has a special place for me, including the man himself!


Great work, and great to have followed many of these builds.



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8 hours ago, JeroenS said:

Snargasher build

I think the best chance of seeing a kit for that would be as an egg plane - hardly any redesign needed!


7 hours ago, Terry1954 said:

Francesco Baracca's Spad

Now, if I can just persuade Mrs MF that she needs a vignette of an Empire Boat in Brindisi Harbour to go with it, that would help to clear up the Shelf of Shame nicely!


7 hours ago, billn53 said:

in particular the Po-2s.


5 hours ago, gazza l said:

interesting subjects

I can’t for the life of me remember what got me started on them! I think it was a result of browsing eBay for “ending soonest, under a fiver” kits…


And optimistically planning ahead for 2022 GBs:

KUTA (2021) - spoiled for choice!

Matchbox GB - Siskin

Bombers/Strike/Ground Attack - IL-2 (have several kits)

Sherman - Matchbox Priest

Big and British - sadly not, Shelf of Shame is groaning already!

Do-17 - Airfix Do-17 conversion

Century Fighters - Hasegawa F-102/F-106 combo

P-38 - 2x Airfix P-38H

Prototypes and Racers - Delta Macchi MC72

Armoured Cars - Matchbox Sdkfz 251 Hanomag

… plus Blitzbuild and KUTAs as and when.







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What a year you've had. I'm very impressed with the totally scratchbuilt Gnashsnarler. It's lovely models like that which tempt me to scratch something of my own - if ever I can summon up the will and the courage! My favourite among your excellent models must be the ICM 'flying billboard' Po-2 which is just so Russian, that I want to drink a vodka toast to it. 

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17 hours ago, bigbadbadge said:

all the trainers

Your recent Anson on its own shows that you are no stranger to the joys of brushed yellow paint ;) 


19 hours ago, Bertie Psmith said:

'flying billboard' Po-2

Strangely, the other side is completely plain, so it’s like two models for the price of one:


I must confess a vodka toast or two would have helped steady my tweezers for that one. So-o-o many teeny-tiny parts.





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What an epic year you've had! The star act for me is that Snargasher! Is that the best name for an aircraft ever? That was a surprise as I've neither heard of or seen one before.

The ICM Po-2 was rather nice as well. The Bristol 142 conversion looks rather nice, look forward to see its streamlines completed. Very nice looking high speed aircraft.



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3 minutes ago, Lightningboy2000 said:

The Bristol 142 conversion looks rather nice, look forward to see its streamlines completed.

Jeez, me too! I fear silver finishes. Mind you, screwing up the silver is the Karma price I pay for getting those SPADs rigged, so it’s all swings and roundabouts..


Happy new year,


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11 minutes ago, AdrianMF said:

I was so excited to find an aeroplane for which no kit has ever been made!




Just googled that word & pics of your models came up in google images. Looks like you are definitely the only person in the googleverse to have completed a model of one. Attractive aircraft I think!

I say you should give the Desford a go as well, that would be another unique model for you to build. I'm wondering looking at the Snargasher if the Desford is based on the Sgarnasher or vice versa?

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Some lovely work in there Adrian - my particular favourites are the 

Vampire, the P1127 and of course the Snargasher, but the biplanes are also very impressive! Great year sir,





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On 31/12/2021 at 01:19, Lightningboy2000 said:

Desford is based on the Sgarnasher or vice versa

The Desford is a derivative of the Snargasher and is a bit more refined/simplified, presumably built on what they learned the first time around. The thing that's currently flying was converted to have a prone photographer in the rather odd nasal extension. I may yet be tempted but the Shelf of Shame (plus this year's GBs) is calling...




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A great collction for the Year. I remember you starting the Snargasher but missed you finishing so thanks for posting the update. A lovely model resulting

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Hi Adrian and Happy New Year..........well, hopefully! That's a very impressive collection there! Very interesting mix too. Very well done. :thumbsup:

Kind regards,


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