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Previous Matchbox builds (and Stash collections!)

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Here are a few of my Matchbox builds:


Lightning F6


Matchbox EE Lightning FMk6


Morris truck and Jeep


Morris and Jeep 01


Nepal Airlines Twin Otter


Nepal Airways Twin Otter 004


Royal Nepal Airlines Twin Otter


DSCN7309 (2)


I have a few others which are embedded in a 'diary' book ( a real paper book which I wrote up with a pen and stuck pictures in!) which I used as a write-up of old kits, I will see if I can scan them and add them in an other post.


There will be two more Twin Otters done for this GB.


Cheers all,



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I'm on a bit of a Matchbox AFV roll at the moment, with their tiny little M3 Honey tank currently on my bench. Digging through old pictures turned up these past builds:


I got my seldom used airbrush out for this one. The rubble is real brick, ground down.




Early morning soft summer sunlight got me this shot:




The sand is real building sand glued over the kit base with Photomount. I copied the sand colour for the tank but it looked more like snow! A coat of thinned Tamiya clear yellow over the whole thing got it all a bit more sand like.




This Humber armoured car rivals the Honey in the tiny department and carries a similar level of out the box finesse. The groundwork is garden soil and building ballast.

The water in the crater is tinted varnish, built up over a couple of days.




The French AVF pairing got the base widened a bit as the original offering was a bit cramped.




Looking through these pictures has got me thinking I really should do a couple more of these, I really enjoyed the hassle free builds that Matchbox provide.

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Stop it! I want one of those now. That's a terrific finish by the way.


I've just had a look on that auction site and something made me click a couple of buttons on a trio of Matchbox AFV kits. £21 for three, delivered ,looks a good deal compared to any singletons on offer there. Without wishing my kleptomania on you, it would be impolite not to mention there are loads still available.


It had to happen I guess. Resistance is futile.

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Good morning, gentlemen.


I'm not playing with you in this group build (I'm too busy elsewhere!), but I would like to participate by presenting some Matchbox constructions. At least the ones I have kept.


My oldest preserved (built in 1985!):


F3F Buffalo 1/72.


Then another one, built in 1986 ( look at pilot's names!:fool:):


Do you remember the mobile wings?





F6F-3 Hellcat 1/72,



P40N Warhawk 1/72, 



SBD Dauntless 1/32, airbrush painted in 1993, with Humbrol Authentic colours...


At last, three M19/ Diamond T981 that I made three years ago:



soft cab and machine gun turret:



soft cab:



Hard top cab:










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Here's just a fun little build I threw together in an afternoon years ago and painted with hairy sticks. As Matchbox stated, you could finish your model with paints, or just take advantage of their choice of two plastic colours and just apply the decals. However, what if you were mad enough do both??





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Seeing these and everyone's build threads reminds me how many MB kits I built as a kid. On my shelf now there are just two, both built in recent years. I really wish I had some of the great ones still - i had the large scale Tiger Moth, the 1/48 Skyraider, the 1/72 He-115 and a couple of the great armoured vehicle models I see here. 


Anyway, I have this:



Which I built as part of a once-regular bday, xmas and Fathers Day gift for Dad - a warbird each time. By the time I got here I was kind of scraping the bottom of the barrel, having done all the Spitfires, Mustangs, 109s, 190s, Zeros etc.


and this was my first, and not quite finished, effort at rigging a biplane. I used fuse wire. Believe it or not this survived being shipped internationally twice without breaking at all.




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My slightly improved Matchbox SSKL Merc, finished last year. I have the Auto Union in the stash but I am NOT doing those wheels again just yet!











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From 1985/6 (and still never finished) the Matchbox Tempest II converted to a Sea Fury









Maybe one day it’ll get finished ... (and Pigs might fly instead of being infected by Bats and passing it on to Humans). 


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Some of my previous MBs:


Me 262 with FROG canopy. 



Here's a better view of the canopy height:




Whatif Tempest II of Tiger Force:




Beaufighter VI with quite a few changes:



Mossie PR.XVI with lots of bits from the Airfix kit:



And finally, the Coastal Command Wimpey:








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I've loved going through this thread, many happy childhood memories flooded back. I made a lot back in the day, sadly none have survived.

My wish list has also grown by several more kits as a result.


Here is my Walrus from 4 years ago, when I dipped a toe back into the model making pool again. (A Revell kit)



Revell 1/72 Walrus by Mike, on Flickr


And the next Matchbox kit I made last year, and finished a couple of weeks ago. I felt brave enough to tackle rigging this time around.


PK-601 Supermarine Stranraer by Mike, on Flickr


I'm keen to chip into the group build, as soon as I can get a kit for my cheapskate budget. (From memory the Stranraer was only a tenner.)  Until then I'm loving watching everyones builds on here!


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Here was my attempt at the Matchbox He115 but in Coastal command service (I found out it was based across the water from my home town of Dundee!)




Preceded by a ''bare' build with Mini Paint Plan' and a full 'kit build' for comparison.



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I only have one survivor from days of yore, this one was finished sometime in the mid-80s, IIRC. PK-303 Porsche 917-10 (and I'm fairly certain it was an original box, too). This afternoon, I dug it out of the box it had been thrown into 20 years ago when I left the marital home, stuck some bits back onto it (the rear view mirrors are missing, but may show up at some point), gave it a wash.... and now, for your entertainment here it is!


Edit: I've got a feeling that there should be a small windscreen around the front, too. Hmm. 




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