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Bianfuxia's 2021


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As for last year, my output this year was mostly Group Build driven. I did also knock over a few 90 per centers - almost-finished models that have been sitting around waiting for undercarriage or a propellor. I still have a 1/144 Dreamliner so finished it literally just needs the 787 decal on the tail. But after the Christmas Blitzbuild I am going to roll that over to next year.


In no particular order:


1. The old Heller 1/72 Noratlas cargo plane in Aeromaritime markings. I did this for the epic Heller group build.



2. Sweet (from Japan) 1/144 Westland Sea King Mk 48 Belgian SAR. This was sitting on the shelf needing just wheels and rotors. I finally finished it during our lockdown a few months ago.



3. Hasegawa 1/72 F-104J. I started this in the Interceptors Group Build but I didn't get it finished until November this year. I was quite pleased with this, and it was probably the best model I made this year.



4. Anigrand 1/144 Lockheed XV-4 Hummingbird. I made this for the August Blitzbuild. It's a tiny resin kit, doomed by design to be a tailsitter. The original was a protoype for a battlefield observation aircraft with V/STOL capabilities. It never entered production.



5. Metal Earth approx 1/76 Kepler Space Telescope. I made this for the "Anything but Injection" build. It's one of those metal kits you clip out the parts and then they go together with folding tabs. It was way better, and more fun, than I'd really expected. I decided to paint the blue on the solar panels, and add the gold foil insulation.



6. Hasegawa 1/200 Airbus A319 conversion. This was done for the Nordic Group Build. It's part of my project to build, in 1/200, one version of every airliner I've flown in, in the scheme I flew it in, with the stretch goal of no duplicate airlines. Of course, there's no A319 in 1/200 so I took an A320 and cut two plugs from the fuselage. It was not an easy task, not least because it was the first time I'd tried it. But it worked out ok. I used www.airlinedecals.com for the Atlantic Airways markings, which turned out to be a little over-scale but fine in the end (and easy to use). I used the kit decals for the windows and doors. I gave this to my parents (I have a second set of decals and another kit to do for me, one day). They had flown the same airline on their memorable trip to the Faroe Islands, where this airline is based. In the photo is the Hurtigruten i made them last Christmas as another travel memento. They're avid travellers but the combination of COVID and Dad's health has probably, very sadly, put an end to that.



7. KP 1/72 Aero A-100. I did this for the High Wing Group Build. It was a cheap ebay win and only the second time I've tried rigging a biplane. I did it with EZ Line, my first time with that product. I can see the potential of it though I found it hard to use. Practice, I guess! Not a great kit but good for a KP kit from the 80s. 



8. Minicraft 1/144 C-118 Liftmaster. This was another 90 per center. All it needed was the few decals, props and wheels. I'd lost the canopy for the longest time so I proceeded with everything else in the hope I'd find it. As you can see, I did, but it barely fit so the model looks pretty rough.



9. Tamiya or Hasegawa (?) 1/700 IJN Auxiliary Vessels. These three count as one build, I think. They were very simple contributions to the "Less than a Tenner" Group Build. The three ships are a sub-chaser (smallest, at rear), a minelayer (middle) and a minesweeper (front). They're super simple, even simplistic, really.



10. Anigrand 1/144 Yakovlev Yak-27K-8. Another small resin kit, this time of this experimental effort to get a supersonic interceptor out of the Yak-27 recon jet. It had a pair of guided missiles and a big radar but it was wildly outperformed by the Su-9 which went into production to the tune of 1,150 examples. The missiles were moved inboard, because the Anigrand instructions erroneously had them outboard of the engines.



11. Greenmax N-scale dining car. Seen here at left, trailing the blue carriage with the white stripes, is my Greenmax (Japanese model railway brand) dining car. I couldn't find out any more information about it - I just wanted a dining car for my blue train. It was an easy kit and you order the appropriate bogies separately (they snap on, it's dead easy). This train layout is another project I am doing with my daughter, who enjoys driving the trains and setting the trees in place. We haven't got very far with the scenery - this corner is the only one that has any at all, really.




12. Sticking to the train layout, this is a TGW freight forwarding office and shed repurposed as a remote country train station in Japan. The platform is a KATO pre-made one.



13. Revell/Matchbox 1/72 Victor K.2. I just finished this yesterday, as part of the Christmas Blitzbuild. I know - the colours are reversed. My bad. That said, I am pretty pleased that I built this whole thing in about 24 hours at Christmas (with its associated requirements to actually spend time with the family :) ). Not that I'm counting, but that build was my most lively thread ever on BM. I had lots of encouragement from fellow BMers and more than a few assessments of my lunacy for trying this!



14. Hasegawa F-16A. This one had been sitting around for at least four years - I think I started it when I still lived in Beijing. I was looking around for something other than a grey F-16, and came across the cool wrap around green-green camo of the experimental effort to turn the F-16 into a tank-killer to replace the A-10. Having painted the scheme, I then thought up a different backstory. It's an F-16 of a random South East Asian country, one of the less well-armed ones, which has tooled up to respond to China's expansive pushes into the South China Sea (which it claims the majority of, contrary to the claims and opinions of pretty much every other country there). In this back story, these F-16s had a dual role - interceptors to deal with the increasingly confident flights of Chinese aircraft through contested air space, and then also anti-shipping jets to deal, one day, with the almost inevitable clashes that could result from all that (what we used to call) brinksmanship. I figured these jets would operate at low level, in and out of archipelagos and near islands, operating mostly against smaller ships. Aside from the pair of AMRAAMs, it has an AGM-65 under one wing and a Penguin under the other. It has made up national insignia and a random selection of other decals. I like it.



15. Esci/Gunze Sangyo 1/72 EF-111A Raven. I started this for the Unarmed Group Build and did finish it later. Pic tomorrow.


16. Cyber-Hobby 1/700 USS Long Beach CGN-9. I made this for the Interceptors Group Build. It's basically a nuclear powered phased array radar with three twin missile launchers for knocking out nuclear armed bombers before they hit a carrier. I enjoyed this one, especially trying to bring some life to it with the Talos missile launching in a cloud of cotton wool smoke.





Well, that's my somewhat eclectic mix for 2021. 


Wishing everyone a safe, healthy and happy 2022. Please let the world take a turn for the better after these last two years!


Happy modelling!






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