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Is that a French Delta over there? It is, and it's finished!


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...or is it a Mirage.


Boom Boom.


I reckon an Airfix series two kit from the sixties shouldn't give too much trouble over the course of a lightning build, these things seemed to take under an hour back in the day. Using that faultless logic, I'm in with a Dassault Mirage III in its original French AF markings.

The kit first appeared in the third full catalogue way back in 1964. Boxtop artwork was one of the last by Charles Oates, just before Roy Cross came on board.






My copy has a beat up box and the parts are all off the sprues, making it a builder candidate rather than a collector piece. 




The above pictures were taken this morning in my shed. It's a bit chilly in there at the moment though, so the tools and parts have been brought up into the house for the build. 




It also means I can use the computer screen clock to countdown the hours. 2.38 tomorrow afternoon is the deadline, best I get cracking then!



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Just coming up to four in the afternoon now, and things are going well.


The cockpit area, and jetpipe area inside the fuselage got hit with a bit of Tamiya Rubber, or dark grey if you will. The nose, tyres, bang seat and rocket pod noses along with the wheel bay areas of the inner wings got similar treatment and the fuselage halves have been tube glued together and taped up to dry. The cockpit hoops are masked, ready for a bit of silver and the transfers have been tested by adding the stand one to see how they are going to perform. Nothing to report there, they seem fine.




I've fettled the wing root area a bit to close up any gaps that might need filling. I really want to avoid that if possible as it will add a bit of time consuming rectification that I can do without. I'll be fitting the wing tops to the fuselage first to get the best possible fit. The wing underside piece can be fitted then with any filling needed in that area either attempted or ignored as needed. I'll need the wing tops fitted today if that plan has any hope of working.


It would be nice to use a bit of S 'n J powder for the overall finish but it might prove a bit bright over the raised panel lines. If that option proves a no-no, plan B is to use Tamiya silver spray although the can feels a bit light. I hope there's enough in it. I can always fall back on good old Humbrol silver and a paint brush if all else fails.


Checking my Panic Meter, I see it reads 0000.1 at the moment. So far, so good.

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I remember having one of those when I was young, but it was a Israeli version with a Egyptian Mig 15 dog fight double.  I think I probably glued three small bits before my father took it off me and built them both.  I also suddenly remembered the old 77 glue, I assume you will be using that as well.

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A relaxing hour or two over the late afternoon has got me a full airframe. It will have to dry off overnight before any more can be attempted. I'm happy with the progress.


The big undercarriage doors were fitted, then removed and refitted as they should have a more splayed sit. The smaller doors have been thinned right down. I didn't do the big doors as they sit in shadow and are not very visible once the plane is sat on its wheels. They are about a scale foot thick as Airfix moulded them!




The pylons, exhaust can and rear strake have all been thinned down as far as I dare. The Missile has had its exhaust area opened up and fins thinned down.


Holding the complete wing assembly together with tape saw a decent enough fit overall to be able to assemble the wings as a unit, then add that to the fuselage. Liquid cement was run into all the seams and the whole lot held together with tape and rubber bands until morning.






The airframe will be seam sanded and given a polish in the morning, followed by paint. The underwing stores and a bit of work in the cockpit area will fill in the time while the paint dries. Transfers will be added ASAP followed by final assembly.


I'm quietly confident at the moment, although I realise that is a particularly dumb thing to say at this point.

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1 hour ago, stever219 said:

That Charles Oates box art is so beautifully simple, I think he did the original F-104 and Hunter artwork too.


He did indeed. I like the style a lot. Very calm somehow.

The P38 and EE Lightnings were by him, along with the Walrus, Anson and Beaufighter amongst others. 



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Impatience got the better of me again. After a bit of forced drying on a radiator, I removed the tape and rubber bands and gently sanded and polished the topside seams. I didn't push my luck with the undersides, they got a tidy up but nothing more.


A couple of coats of Tamiya TS30 Silver went on well, followed soon after by about half the transfers. They went on perfectly! Really thin, nice and bright and the carrier film is near invisible. Near 60 year old Airfix transfers behaving themselves, quite astonishing.






That's it for the evening, best to quit while I'm ahead. More in the morning.



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Just after eight down on the farm, time to get back on the Mirage.


Undercarriage legs superglued in place, last of the transfers added. Not such a great picture but the clock needed to be in shot. It is, just.




A bit of a tailsitter...




Although three airgun pellets suitably chopped up, fitted into the nose sorted that out...




The rocket pod/drop tanks are next in line along with the missile. That one looks a bit Fireball XL5 to me.

A bit of detailing in the cockpit and framing of same and it's pretty much done!


Time for breakfast.



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Brekky was lovely. Two slices of toast, buried under scrambled eggs washed down with orange juice and coffee. Not a bad way to start the day.


Then it was off down to the shed to finish the build.

Rocket pods were painted and attached to the pylons. I used humbrol silver and polished metal, mixed to give a few shades. The nose area got drybrushed silver and while not exactly superdetailed, they look fine to me.

Seat painted and a couple of tape belts added. I might as well have not bothered with adding anything to the seat as it just about vanished once the canopy was added. The canopy got framed with humbrol silver, done freehand as that was quickest. The clear area wasn't especially, probably all those years rattling around in the box microscratched it. A coat of varnish improved things a bit but it's never going to win prizes.

I mixed a couple of shades of silver and added them to various panels on the airframe for a bit of variety. They hardly show. All this was done with barely dry paint and hardly set glue. Parts were added carefully with tweezers and hope. I got away with it, no fingerprints, no shouting and nothings fallen off yet. 




Once everything had the bare minimum of drying time, the plane was sat on its legs, all done!


A very enjoyable days worth of relaxed modelling. I'm so glad I didn't do the Roden Felixstowe instead of this Mirage!




Next up was a bit of picture taking, so out came a few props and bases...




Followed by a load of different photo's...










I'll sort out a few more for the Gallery and add them shortly.


Looking at the clock. I see it's twenty past one. I guess that makes me a Hero Builder. Woo Hoo!

It also makes it dinner time. Even better.



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  • TonyW changed the title to Is that a French Delta over there? It is, and it's finished!
2 hours ago, Wulfman said:

Great job on the ancient Airfix, mine came with a Mig 15 as a “dog-fight double “ !




One of the better ideas from Airfix, and a good way of giving kits a new lease of life. Not always the most appropriate pairing, but to a cash strapped kid, these things were highly desirable.



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