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Amodel X-55

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Merry Christmas people.


I'd like to add this, or rather, these:


211226a box 211226b bits and obitsu


There are two cruise missiles in the box. The one on the box-top is an X-55 and the one with the bulges, bottom right (= fuel tanks), is the X-55M. One needs to be in transport mode as there is only one set of wings and one engine in the box. There's a trolley, whose sprue I've missed in this photo, for the transport-mode one. The "Obitsu Body" thing is a base/holder for a doll-figure which I'll modify to be a stand/base for the missiles.


This was midnight last night as you see. I thought I'd assemble the airframe pieces and brass rod to engage with the base,


211226c airframe bits


, and then get to bed one-ish to be up bright and breezy, glue dry, to go for the superman option....


So, it took me till 3am to get the airframes sorted out and I woke up less-than-bright-and-breezy at 10am! The glue is very dry. I am now going for the 24 hours over three days, great escape, option.


These were my first comestibles:


211226d tablet treatment


Sore teeth. I must have taken these tabs about tooth-hurty in retrospect.


211226e X-55 stand holder


This is the X-55 half fuselage with the wings on and the tail drilled out to take the bit of brass. It's just tacked on with superglue here and then that was re-inforced with epoxy before assembling the missiles and engine pod.


Here they all are glued up and clamped at 3 o'clock in the bleeding morning.


211226f glue drying


Very late breakfast and tablet treatment:


211226g brunch


I do think I should be given more time, say a week, for being on tablet treatment, Enzo.


Good to go again now:


211226h restart


So that's 3 hours gone, albeit 14 hours in.



Edited by Angus Tura
peppered with errors
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Thanks chaps. I wouldn't be too sympathetic about the ailment: pulpitis. Entirely my own fault according to Mrs.Tura and a consequence of my continuing devotion to the Scottish diet. The tablets are antibiotics and painkillers and other that irn-bru and vodka being off the menu, I'm not feeling an particular pain.


I don't really have any progress pictures for you, as you'll see.




Lunch: Mrs.Tura's excellent capon as a sandwich with excellent Sainsbury's mango chutney.




Tea: Stuffing and ham, also by Mrs.T (and Sainsbury's).


Here's my stop point.




I stopped at midnight, and had to have a couple of family hours earlier. So, I think I've got 13 hours tomorrow.


You could be forgiven for thinking that, other than sticking on the engine, I haven't done anything all day. However, I have spent an extremely tedious day getting rid of sink marks and seams.




Bedtime. Night night.




mañana, amigos,



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So, today so far has been quite christmas-ish because of an epiphany I just had.


I finally got all the seams done by 11.30 when parental duties kicked in.


211227e Restop


It then became clear that, because of a nasty attack of cava-induced lethargy on the part of Mrs.Tura, the parental duties were not going to kick back out again. As of now that remains the case.


I have been despairing of fitting in the remaining 11.5 hours today therefore...until...the epiphany: The blitzenbuild goes on tomorrow! Yippee! I have therefore kicked back to compose this before the next bit of parental taxi-ing.


211227f lunch or tea


Alta Rica, Cheese and onion on toast with Worcestershire and outstanding Polish confection.





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Cheese on toast - magnificent! Had the same, but without the onion.

LUFC - you're Leeds and you know you are? 

Might see you in the Championship next year - KRO.


Good luck with the build.



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Jinxman, are you ill? Are you seriously suggesting that Leeds United might be relegated? In Bielsa we trust. As they say here in Yorkshire, "I may be wrong, but I highly doubt it." You're a lot more sound on the cheese on toast. 'right up there with Steak au Poivre and Tomato sandwich with chilli sauce.


So, the familial mucking about went on quite a while, to put it mildly.


211227g restart


Finally got restarted here (actually twenty minutes earlier and forgot to photograph,) and got the making of the missiles finished here:


211227h Missiles finished


The tailfins were a bit trying and they're going to need some filling to look OK. Here are the bits of the trolley:


211227i trolley bits


And here's the guts of it stuck together.


211228a Trolley mostly


So, I think that gives me 7 hours tomorrow, family allowing, obviously.


Night, night.


211228b night night



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Deary dear.


So much mucking about today, I won't be able to fit in the 7 available hours:


211228c final restart


This was restarting 6.5 hours before the shutters come down. 


Here are the missiles undercoated Gunze Mr.Surfacer 1500 and I couldn't resist a bit of my favourite paint: alclad II pale burnt metal, just to waste a bit more time, you understand.


211228d missiles undercoated and burnt metal


Back to the trolley,


211228e trolley progress


No time for cooking...while you certainly can turn bad-boy in 4 minutes, you can't get enough thin coats of white Mr.Surfacer 1500, to make an X-55 white, on in less than an hour and a half!


211228f tea and missiles white Mr.Surfacer


Axles on:


211228g More trolley progress.


See you in a bit. I don't know that I'm going to get many stencils on.



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I don't what it says about us modellers, but I have one of those Pot Noodles - given to me as a Christmas pressie by one of my daughters - good girl!


Good luck with the build.

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Thanks your jinxfulness. I sort of made it in that I sort-of got the X-55, the flying one done albeit minus decals but although I thought I'd posted just before midnight, I missed it. I have been here before and I imagine its because of lots of activity at that time. I'm not so cross as really neither of them is anything-like finished. The trolley needed a lot more furtling than I thought: it's been designed for the X-55, I think, and needed a lot of mucking about, by blitzbuild standards anyway, to fit the X-55M


Anyway. Thanks much Enzo for the Blitzenbuild which I have hugely enjoyed. See y'all in May.


211229a Finished-ish



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4 hours ago, Jinxman said:

I don't what it says about us modellers, but I have one of those Pot Noodles - given to me as a Christmas pressie by one of my daughters - good girl!


Good luck with the build.


It says we have great taste but probably less than great cardiovascular systems.



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