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7 hours ago, ArnoldAmbrose said:

Gidday Alexey, this is a strange looking aircraft. Did it actually exist? Either way you're proceeding well with the model. Regards, Jeff.


It existed, flew and even carried pax on regular lines




Not much progress is seen on the photos, but this is a short run kit and it requires a lot of sanding to achieve the quality of surface good enough to start painting. 





Initially I planned to use magnificent Raresin M-11 engine but it did not arrive in time. Kit's part, however, turned out quite nicely, I have only replaced exhaust pipes 


A mistake. I should have fitted the airscrew and its cock before painting them, now I have to repaint both




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2 hours ago, Adam Poultney said:

some questionable quality 


Don't forget, MikroMir is a short run manufacturer, and for the short run their quality is excellent. 

Applied a coat of semi-matt aluminium where needed.




The problem is that if I want to achieve the quality that I want to achieve I need to let it dry at least for an hour, that is a waste of precious Blitz time. 

What would Brian Boitano do? 

Of course - start another Blitz project! 

Enter Udet U-1:



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The law of Parkinson-Murphy: it something can go wrong it will go wrong. Wanted to give the blue a light sheen, sprayed some gloss but it resulted in terrible terrible orange peel. Had to sand it down and repaint blue




After the paint dried buffed it with soft cloth and removed the masks with trepidation  ... 





Not too bad. Footie time!

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How to ruin a nearly complete model? 


Decided to apply some Klear on the windows, it resulted in ugly blobs in the bottom corners. I will try to remedy it with another thick coat but if it does not work then I will need to redo the canopies that is not happening today








Don't fix that is not broken



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Eventually a lot of earbuds and IPA solved the problem at the expense of framing and some spots on the wing that need to be patched. It is damage limitation now




New framing. I still can do it, alas, Udet won't be completed on time



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  • Pin changed the title to MikroMir KhAI-3: COMPLETE

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