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1/72 Academy Tiger I - Finished

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My internets been on the fritz all Christmas Day so a belated post.

Christmas Day


8:43 sprues

resized_a28e8c98-5596-4d90-a3e1-b0a2c0ad10:50  all parts  cut off and fettled. Turret partially assembled and ready for paint. My secret weapon a can of Montana Black Morpheus, ( I bought Dumbo but it wouldn’t spray :( )


resized_40f481fd-1ac6-4b8f-a1ef-5321bf2111:20 painted and a sharpie used for the black on the road wheels.

St Stephen’s Day (Boxing Day)

resized_a2e72fb9-2da9-4450-803a-1c0c812f9:50 major assembly finished.


Next up, attach the tracks, a bit of brush touch up then decals, white distemper and weathering.


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f99547d3-cb36-49ad-a539-6270fc308ee1.jpeRust, grime (AK weathering) and dust ( crushed chalk pastels mixed with white spirit) and we’re just about done. I’ll just wait till the mud dries before taking some gallery photos.


If I can find a suitable photo frame  and some table salt I may even try first or a rough and ready diorama. :) 

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