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Emhar 1/24 Bedford dropside - FINISHED

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Good morning! I just finished a quick gloss coat spraying session which took me about half an hour including setup and cleaning. Tamiya's X22 is the gloss of choice for me usually, it's sturdy and not too shiny. 




This can now cure for the day so I can finalize this build tonight. It's all gone well up to now so I'm waiting for something to go wrong 🙂 


@Natter I'm always amazed myself! I should "blitz build" more often. 

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I'm grabbing a lunchbreak, extending it a little so I can do some things that need a bit of drying time. Otherwise I won't be able to finish tonight, and I do want to finish this one!




The cab has a nice shine to it. I don't know yet if I'm going for "restored" or "dirty". Definitely not "beat up", that would take too long. Choice depends on what the time is when all essential stuff has been done tonight, and how it looks at that point. I may find the grey a little plain... but that's grey for you!  

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Alright, two things that I hate doing are done. Decals and windows. 




I always mess up at least 1 decal, indeed I did so in this case. Luckily this kit comes with a huge sheet with different options and spares were available. I do like the "roundel" on the door, the colour comes out real nice with the grey. 


Windows... I hate them even more than decals. I just wish manufacturers would give you a little more tolerance regarding fit than "a hair's width"... the side window on the left was ok, the right one just doesn't fit properly. I hope it's good enough. I had to put those in now, as they go in from the inside and the glue should be dry or else they'll pop out when fitting the cab. Luckily the front windows go in from the outside which is better. I'll glue those in after fitting the cab. 


Now, back to work for a bit and then the final sessions this afternoon and evening. Still a bit of work, it will get late surely. 


And stop calling me Shirley.

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Starting off the evening session. 




First up is that radiator, it should be black, and it has some chrome bits as well... So I need to do those first to allow them to dry (some). Or (I'm thinking now) do the chrome parts after mating cab to chassis... that may be better in terms of handling, but a little awkward to paint perhaps. I'll think about it. 

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So, let's see where we are. The cab is mated to the chassis and it's sitting quite well. 




I had a lot of trouble getting the front down over the chassis, that must be because I assembled everything including the radiator before placing the cab. I was fiddling with it, then remembered my previous Bedford build and checked there. I had the same issues there and I had simply cut some material off the front of the forward chassis crossmember. So I used that same method here and it worked well, the cab sits firmly, without being glued down which is nice. 


Earlier, I had masked the forward piece of the nose and brush painted the radiator black. There it all went a little Blitzbuildy... 




The masking was difficult because of that ridge at the top. Because the paint is thin when I brushpaint, it seeped underneath the tape. I couldn't get everything off without the risk of damaging the paint. So, I guess I'll be weathering it some. Also, the masking tape had left residue because, of course, the gloss coat has not fully cured yet. So I proceeded to redo the gloss coat on the cab, this time brushing on Vallejo's gloss varnish which works fine, and I had to seal those decals in anyway. 


I will now paint the chrome on the radiator and glue in the windows. Then I can finish the load bed, covering it with the coffee strirrers. After that it's bascially done, just attach wheels and glue the loadbed on. Some small parts last, like the mirror and windshield wiper. It's looking good for now. 


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All done!




More pics to follow in the gallery. Have to get my camera out. 


Build time today was 7 and a half hours, making a total of 20 hours if I counted correctly. That's not at all bad and certainly a record 1/24 scale build for me. I'm glad I got to finish my Blitz Build Bedford before the deadline this time around!


I think I'll just leave her like this, I kind of like the shine. 


Thanks everyone for following and thanks @Enzo Matrix for another excellent Blitzen!

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