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Christmas Blitzenbuild Gallery

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Tamiya 1/48 Austin Tilly,

HQ Company, 10th Armoured Cavalry Brigade, 1st Polish Armoured Division,

Falaise Sector, France, August 1944. 


Built almost straight from the box - I swapped the Division sign from Polish 4th Infantry to Polish 1st Armoured, using 15mm decals from Plastic Soldier Company.

Akan, Hataka, Tamiya and Citadel paints and inks.












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     Gidday All, here's my scratch built model of the Grumman F7F Tigercat in 1/600 scale. It was designed to be the fastest and most heavily armed carrier-based fighter of WW2. The Tigercat was capable of 460mph (740kph) and was armed with four 20mm cannon in the wing roots and four 50cal machine guns in the nose. The nose guns were replaced with radar in the night fighter version. It could also carry two 1000lb bombs or a torpedo. Although designed to operate from carriers the aircraft only ever operated from land bases, having failed to achieve carrier qualification, mainly due to poor directional stability when trying to land with only one engine operational.

    The model is rather basic, with no undercarriage or cockpit detail I'm afraid. 🙂 The model is 23mm long and has a wingspan of 26mm.

Anyway, here she is, the Grumman F7F Tigercat. 

Grumman F7F Tigercat 1

Later I'll make a stand to display it 'flying'.

     Regards, Jeff.

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V-Bomber purists...look away! 😆

Here is my Matchbox/Revell Victor in reverse colours. Yep, I managed to build it in under 24 hours of working time and stuffed up the colour scheme...




I first wanted this kit in the mid-80s when I saw it at the toy department of David Jones, the kind of department store that will finally go bankrupt when my mother's generation die out. You know, a store that was glamourous in the 80s, but by now is the kind of dusty place where, if by some miracle you can find something you want, and it's not 25% more than you can find it online, you still wait 30 minutes before a sales clerk happens to wander by to help you, You could literally stand in the middle of the store and yell, "will someone come and take my money!" and still hear crickets...


So then about 20 years later on a work trip abroad I happened to pass a model store and there was this Revell re-pop. It's been sitting in the stash ever since. I realized as I built it that I never would have even started it, had I not had the crazy idea to do it for the Christmas Blitzbuild. 




It's truly a trying kit. The fit is horrible. Kudos to those people who have turned this thing into a showstopper. I have neither the time, the skill, nor the patience!


But that said, it looks cool with some contemporaries (the equally ancient Heller Mirage IV and Italeri Tornado, all I can find on my shelf that's allied and has the right refuelling tackle.






And because it's so massive, it ends up "pride of place" because there is literally nowhere else to put it. 


Just about my worst build since I was a teenager, and it's the most obvious model on display! 😆





Here's the whole tale from start to finish:


Thank you for all the encouragement and positive feedback! 

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My Mirage III made it!


I wish all builds were like this one. It kind of fell together really. Probably because there were hardly any bits to make up, it had a single colour paint scheme and I ignored any accuracy issues that cropped up. I built it out the box, ten year old style. It worked for me.


Here's the finished kit...










Here's the build thread...



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Firstly let me thank my Great Modelling Buddy and all around Grand Chap @nimrod54 for buying the kit for me all due to a love for a certain primer of Pink. Not only is he now in the Brotherhood of primer of pink, but the postman has delivered him an egggsciting challenge for next year. 


Secondly all Hail @Enzo Matrix & @JOCKNEY for our yearly festive build. 


Finally thanks to the Britmodeller BlitzBuild Massive for all your comments along the way. 


Enough waffle, it’s mince pie time

2720B0D6-34C8-49A6-A7A2-F81148B64D8C 178DE549-6B27-4976-A45E-E1AFDD85B3C5 5C411D88-E8A7-4D67-884C-35639191A551 3B4EB61D-A829-4233-BD1D-E164225F756A

And with Little H’s build



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Eduard Nieuport Ni-23 - lovely little kit, chosen so I could get a build with rigging done in 2021. Could have give it a wash of something I suppose, but kept the weathering light, so there we go. 😁











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Emhar 1/24 Bedford O-type dropside truck, converted to flatbed with a wooden deck. Lovely kits, these Emhar trucks. Well engineered and a true classic British truck, I love the shape of the cab. 


Build thread here


Paint is Tamiya Sky Grey for the cab and flatbed, Tamiya Semi Gloss Black for the chassis and mud guards. Chrome is Greenstuffworld for brush.











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