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USS Gato SS-212 1941 1/350 HOBBYBOSS via Creative Models


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USS Gato SS-212 1941
1/350 HOBBYBOSS via Creative Models




Beginning to enter service near the end of 1941, the diesel-fuelled Gato class submarines adopted the traditional US Navy submarine arrangement used since the end of WWI. They were equipped with four engine rooms, diesel-electric reduction gear, one auxiliary generator, four electric motors generating 5480 hp when submerged driven by two 126-cell batteries. Submerged endurance was 48 hours at 2 knots. Cruising range was 11,000 miles on the surface at 10 knots with 94,400 gallons of diesel fuel. Patrol duration was 75 days. Their performance was better on the surface than submerged, much like the rest of the worlds submarines at the time. At the outbreak of WWII the Gato class was produced in large numbers and became the workhorse of the US submarine fleet. In an attempt to cut off the supply chain of US forces from Australia the Japanese forces landed on the Solomon Islands on 20th January 1942, which also allowed Japan to target Australia directly. In retaliation, the US submarines were ordered to attack the Japanese supply chain which they did, from New Guinea waters all the way to Japans coastal waters. Throughout the war modifications and conversions to the Gato fleet were carried out the 3 inch deck guns were replaced with 4 inch and the bridge structures modified to accommodate 20mm Oerlikon cannon. The Gatos had many notable successes throughout the war, including the sinking of the carriers Tahio, (by USS Albacore), Shokaku, (by USS Cavalla) and virtually throttling the Japanese Islands of precious fuel and oil.

The Kit
This is a new tooling from HobbyBoss. The kit represents USS Gato the lead ship of her class as she was in 1941. She was laid down 5 October 1940, by the Electric Boat Company. She was launched 21 August 1941 sponsored by Mrs. Louise Ingersoll, wife of Admiral Royal E. Ingersoll, and commissioned 31 December 1941. As you can imagine in 1/350 the parts count is not large. There are 25 plastic parts and a PE name plate. The two main hull arts go together trapping the rudder at the stern. Also at the stern the two propeller shafts go on as well as the propellers. These are followed by the stern dive planes. At the bow the forward mast or jackstaff is added along with the bow planes and two anchors. Amidships the deck gun is added. Next up the deck house is completed with its fittings and at the top the masts and periscopes.  If needed the base can then be made up along with the PE name plate and the finished boat placed on it. 







Decals are provided for pendant numbers only. 


This is a great looking kit from HobbyBoss. Overall recommended.





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