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Space: 1999 1/72 Hawk Mk IX WIP

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Please excuse the decal backing paper carnage in the background! 😆


Nearing the end of completion of my MPC Hawk (this is the Round 2 re-release). I wanted to do the orange/white scheme but for some odd reason couldn't find a proper orange that looked good to my eyes, so all-white it is. It's pretty much a straight OOB build, primed with Badger Gray Stynylrez and sprayed with a couple of gloss coats of white (Tamiya X-2), for ease of decal application. When all is done she'll get a clear flat finish. Although the parts didn't literally fall together like a Bandai kit, the assembly went better than I expected, with the exception of breaking one of the tiny lunar lander legs that brace the rear engine assembly, despite careful use of my Tamiya hobby nippers. 😡 But hey, it just made me think of this build as a trial run of patience for one of the Bandai Y-Wings in my stash.







Microscale Micro Set and Microsol were my two best friends when it came to help wrap those tiny orange decals around the trusswork.




One little trick I learned for finishing the main and booster engine bells:


1. Polish the bare plastic with ultra-fine grit sanding pads. I used a Gundam "Raser Balancer" sanding stick, which I've read is equivalent to 2000 grit. You'll get a nice glossy finish.
2. I airbrushed two mist coats of Tamiya X-1 gloss black followed by a heavy wet coat . That's right, no primer!
3. Again, I applied two mist coats and a final wet coat of AK Interactive Xtreme (481 Polished Aluminum). When dry you get a nice sheen that almost rivals the aftermarket aluminum Eagle bells.





Finally, I don't plan on using the included base. If I can find a shadow box that agrees with the model's dimensions, it'll become a wall hanging.


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