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Fine Ballast for Nose Weights


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I use adhesive lead tape - the type used for balancing tennis rackets or golf clubs. It's particularly useful when you don't have a large enough space for lead shots as you can cut strips to glue on floors, landing gear bays etc







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Hi Ben,

try the model railway shops.  I got a large bag of very fine (0.8mm) lead shot from Buffers, on the A358 just north of Axminster.  They also sell Ballast Bond liquid adhesive, which is great for pouring onto the shot in the nose section.



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Have you tried Deluxe Materials Liquid Gravity?

This is a plastic bottle full of tiny lead balls which are poured into position through a small spout and security with PVA, CA etc.

I've used this for a few years now with great success.

A word of warning though, make sure that the area that you're "pouring" it into has no gaps whatsoever, because these little bu@@ers can escape! Just ask me how I know 😂.



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Another vote for Liquid Gravity. Here:



At £10 it could seem expensive but you don't need much. I've had success fixing it in place with pva glue diluted with water.



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If you use lead for nose weight do not use PVA to secure it as it is acidic and will cause a reaction resulting in the lead expanding. I found out the hard way a few years ago.....


Even though all the lead was forward of the wing the fuselage was full of corroded lead and the kit seams buckled under the strain of the expansion.








Not a nice thing to find, but all sorted now after a major rebuild.



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