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Mark’s (aka Marklo) 2021 more builds than you can shake a stick at


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It’s been quite the year and it’s going to take a while to post the complete list. It’s a pretty eclectic mix. So bear with me as I work my way through it. So in no particular order.



1. 1/48 scratchbuilt RAF Ariel target the first drone.



2. 1/72 mr hobby Me109G2 in Italian colours 

d71d755a-622b-4abb-8f7d-101e5e950d89.jpe3. Airfix 1/72 Bf109E4 in Condor Legion colours.





4. Airfix FW190G8 in Hungarian colours.


fac6e461-994e-472a-a20b-e80186d80819.jpe5. Revell 1/144 Typhoon.


4bc080c3-5e98-4f44-a77f-52491c530024.jpe6. Williams 1/48 Ford Flivver


2f94bf04-b6cc-4f3e-a590-576221960cc4.jpe7. Airfix 1/72 Swordfish 



resized_4ee53c36-b7c7-4e08-b86d-adf1b0e88. Revell 1/72 me109 G10 in Yugoslavian colours


a862161d-9de7-437d-892f-7ee7272db8f1.jpe9. Airfix 1/72 in III/JG53 Battle of Britain colours.



92b7cdea-eb3e-4196-bc49-5ef6eb82d4e9.jpe10. scratch built 1/48 Bristol Scout F


50bb4b0b-04de-4f3b-afdc-9c201aeddb77.jpe11. scratch built 1/48 Bristol Scout F1.



12. Trumpeter 1/144 F117

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resized_52a9474d-2892-4f88-b9c3-96cf586213. Airfix 1/72 Bf 109 V1 converted from an E4.


608e7453-3c16-4e44-ab5b-39703a8db193.jpe14. Scratch built 1/48 Oertz W6 - the winner of the anything but injection GB :) 



c547664f-42d2-4120-bbc2-b421f49e2a7c.jpe15. Airfix 1/72 F4E Skyhawk converted from an A in fake mig Aggressor scheme.



1522a13b-917f-440e-a098-94caa9f12a30.jpe16. Scratch built 1/46 Junkers J6



f4ed3013-58dc-4eb5-99d5-771c0502b611.jpe17. Glencoe 1/48 Oeffeg Albatros DIII in the colours of Adolf Blaha.



b31fbf71-c425-4fd0-8ec1-613355c2e7ca.jpe18. scratch built 1/48 Supermarine PB31 Nighthawk



490c48e1-2ac0-4489-a9ed-ef349e01f912.jpe18. Revell 1/144 F16


fcad8b93-ce0b-4edf-b637-5db9c37d516f.jpe19. Revell 1/144 F16 in Arctic aggressor scheme.



resized_ae1468e6-7a60-44ae-9cde-f376bbb520. 1/72 Me109 TL Jaeger converted from a hasegawa G6



a4886714-c6b8-47de-8299-d7377498964b.jpe21. Scratch built 1/48 Junkers J1



b17788ee-da50-490e-a0df-8a9866d7c5a3.jpe22. Lindberg 1/32 Gee Bee


resized_a769aec7-57ad-4202-8cd6-1674fb1623. Italeri 1/72 Me109G6in Finnish markings.

resized_f8bc7240-49c5-433f-b9d1-c0e11ce824. italeri Me109 G6 in Swiss markings 




25. Trumpeter  1/144 Sukhoi SU 47 Berkut.



resized_f3c62deb-05e9-4c9d-80fd-faef3a4426. Airfix 1/72 E4 converted to. HA1112 Buchon.



ac0bb55b-76b7-41b0-927a-a0dcbee33bd8.jpe27. Airfix 1/72 Folland Gnat.



a82ec66a-f53e-4513-9255-f9b792265fa6.jpe28. Micro Scsle Design 1/48 Morane Saulnier N



resized_202276dd-bfe9-4c07-93a4-9bf45a1c29. Mr Craft 1/35 T60 in captured colours.



e06ac046-841d-4e70-bb5b-f7d24f5ecc27.jpe30. & 31. 1/48 scratch built  PV7 Eastchurch Kitten PV 6 Grain Kitten.



0574c5d9-1f15-4425-9de7-2c301be36563.jpe32. Revell 1/144 Typhoon in RAF centenary colours.



05a24491-a486-454f-a63e-4b6209c8f432.jpe33. Trumpeter 1/144 Sukhoi su 27 Flanker



b0ecf69d-2a0f-4a91-9713-8df694d57652.jpe34. Mr Craft 1/72 Captured me109F



9462698d-a858-4d3e-8084-5b6c6941b22e.jpe35. Scratch built 1/48 Alcock Scout aka Sopwith Mouse.



resized_462fe69b-6aa4-4912-ae42-29bde2ad36. Revell 1/72 Fokker Dr1 in French markings.



resized_be5c52ee-9ee7-4bd8-9af2-35e152a637. scratch built 1/48 Graem White Type 20.



resized_d97d74f8-675e-41f1-8a12-e31ee2ef38. scratch built 1/48 Bronco II (South African AHRLAC)



resized_37f616e8-1873-4846-8c99-054898cc39. KP 1/72 Avia S199 in Israeli markings.

resized_66accd1a-9fff-4699-891f-8bc8f7e640. Heller Me109 K4 downgraded to a G6 in Hungarian markings.



resized_5a7d2b52-eae2-41d7-b98c-98393909 41. A retro chuck glider I made in honour of my Dad who passed away recently. He’d have enjoyed the builds from this year.


Wow, quite a year. Still quite a few in WIP and some might even make it over the line before the year is over. 


This is my main overview thread. If you’re interested.


resized_bc1475d2-cf85-46b6-92d8-e2d4427eAnd this is my planned builds for 2023 GBs, I’lm sure I’ll throw in a few scratch builds and the odd non GB kit. So looking forward to 2022.


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Wowzas! I’ve seen a lot of them when they were in progress, but when they are all together it’s even more impressive. I shouldn’t have favourites, but if I did it would be the PB31, just edging out the Oertz W6.


Hoping you have a great 2022,


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Cracking stuff. 

I thought the Pemberton Billing and the Oertz were excellent models and very well done.  Despite seeing you in several GBs I am surprised to see you did 40 in the year. 

A sterling effort with so many scratch built ones.

Looking forward to seeing some more in 2022 

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