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Christmas Blitzenbuild 2021 Chat

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2 minutes ago, JOCKNEY said:

Hi @JeroenS

Sorry to hear you won't be joining the GB, hope you and the family have a very happy Christmas.

Cheers Pat 

Thanks Pat! Hmmm I can feel that Blitz Build tractor beam pulling... 

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I can't resist any longer, I'm in! I think I have some time today, and then the rest will have to be done on Monday and Tuesday evenings.


Just need to figure out what to build. 


Small scale IBG build, I've built a couple of those in Blitz Builds so I know that should be doable. 

The T62-A.... I don't know, I've never built 1/34 armour and I had planned on this to be a "see how that works" build for a full options Pershing I have in the stash... 

Or... one of my remaining 1/24 Emhar trucks... I tried one in an earlier Blitz Build and only just didn't make it, so maybe I'd like a rematch... 




@Enzo MatrixThe "build them all" rule does not apply in Blitz Builds, right? 🙂 

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My good lady wife has pointed out that in the time it took me to half complete my build, she completed this snowy 1/56 diorama complete with hand made tree.




So at least someone in the house finished a Blitzenbuild, even if not officially part of the GB

Edited by Tim R-T-C
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9 hours ago, Tim R-T-C said:

Unfortunately not going to finish my snowly Delfin, but thanks for getting me off my lazy ___ and doing some modelling these last two days.


Merry Christmas y'all and see you in the 2022 GBs 😄

I'll join you in bowing out. Paint issues and a damaged airbrush did for me today. I'll be back as this is one of my favourite Xmas holiday events. The support and diversity of builds make it such fun.

Cheers, Justin.



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A very nice crop of super builds! Including an immaculate Nieuport, which I was thinking of having a go at (but less immaculately), and I loved the refugee figures too.


I knew I wouldn't have the time this year and didn't even attempt the @JOCKNEY nocturnal/stealth/grief/greif approach. 




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