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Christmas Blitzenbuild 2021 - Welcome and Rules

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:welcome: to the final Blitzbuild for 2021. 


The Christmas Blitzenbuild will run from Saturday 25 December to midnight on Tuesday 28 December.  It fits nicely around the Christmas recovery period.   


Although the GB runs for fourdays, you don't actually get all four days to finish your model.  You get 24 hours!     


This can be done in three ways:

1.  The Superhero Option   Complete your model in a single 24 hour time slot.


2.  The Sidekick Option      Complete your model in two 12 hour slots, seperated by no more than 12 hours.  Still pretty heroic, if you ask me.    You can start on the Saturday and finish on the Sunday or start on the Sunday and finish on the Monday.


3.  The Great Escape Option      You may have family staying past Christmas.  You can escape them by building in timed mini sections over the days but not exceeding the 24 hours. This still gives to time to attend roll calls as though nothing has happened.  It would be good practice to provide a photo of time at start and finish of each section. 


Start a WIP thread with a start photo showing the time, ( a mobile phone/tablet screen/computer screen will suffice), then as many progress pics as you want (but at least six) and finally a finish photo again showing the time.

Bonus kudos points will be given for uniqueness of the clock, the on-plate presentation of the meals to be consumed and other things like great music videos etc. All the while remembering this is a family friendly forum ...  :)

25% Rule: This is a short GB intended to showcase speed building skills with an unstarted kit. Therefore, the 25% rule is suspended for this GB. All kits must be unstarted, although removal of main components from the runners is acceptable.


All the other usual GB rules apply, the most important being to have fun.  It's The Law!   🧑‍⚖️



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