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Still Churning Them Out


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Busy year for me too!


I started the year on a trainer theme with an Airfix Tucano and a Heritage Grob Tutor:






My trainers then advanced into Airfix Hawk demonstrator territory:




Then a heavily modified Italeri Goshawk with Caracal decals:




... and an RAF Hawk in working clothes:




The Hawks were a way to take my mind off slow progress with the main build of the first part of the year, a Heller E-3D Sentry with Combat Decals markings:




Very difficult to find a place to photograph this one. 






Then, as HMS HERMES/INS VIRAAT headed to the breakers yard, I set out on a HERMES binge, starting with an 800 Sqn ESCI Sea Harrier (and Sky decals) to mark HERMES' first SHARs:




And a Fujimi Indian Sea Harrier LUSH to mark VIRAAT's last SHARS:




Then an update of my old Matchbox Wessex V (adding detail and some Modeldecal markings) to become one of 845 Sqn's cabs when HERMES evacuated civilians from the war-torn beaches of Cyprus:

(and yes, I did correct the tail rotor error in the second picture!):






....then added a modified Fujimi Sea King of 814 Sqn (Modeldecal markings again), also on the Kyrenia beaches:




and finally an Xtrakit Sea Vixen of 893 Sqn (with Model Art decals). How I wish I had lopped a few mm off those tail booms.....




July saw the UK's Carrier Strike Group (CSG21) set sail with their new Merlin Crowsnest AEW aircraft.  Time for a quick scratch update to my existing Merlin:




The dome does fold down, although clearly the cabin door doesn't shut!




Then something completely different, an Airfix Super Mystere with Modeldecal markings:




Th eMystere helped keep me calm whilst I struggled with translucent yellow paint on a Heller CL-415 water bomber:




I will not be doing another yellow model for a long time :(




As yellow recovery therapy, I changed environments to build a Dragon GDLS M1296 Stryker Dragoon:




Then I suffered a setback with an Ace Alvis Stalwart.  Not an easy build !




And finally, a Firebrand urge took me and I built the Valom Firebrand Mk.5




Quickly followed by Valom's Firebrand Mk.II




There are two more kits about to complete (need a decent day to photograph them though) at which point I will abandon 2021 to the dustbin of history!


FredT :)

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Love them all Fred,....... what a great selection. I do like the toned down Indian SHAR and would like to build one but haven`t found any decals,.... did you make them yourself?  

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On 12/21/2021 at 11:29 AM, tonyot said:

 I do like the toned down Indian SHAR and would like to build one but haven`t found any decals,.... did you make them yourself?  


They are a mix of the Italeri decals and some home printed/drawn ones (the Indian script was hand written/copied using an india ink pen).  Perhaps not as finely defined as I would wish, but I think they worked OK.

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