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Adam's 2021 yearbook, lots more Vulcans!

Adam Poultney

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2021.... what a strange year it's been! The first bit dragged a lot but since then wow it has flown by! 


First builds of the year were four early 3D printed prototypes for Beacon Models' upcoming Spitfire kit. These obviously are not representative of the completed product, which hopefully will be tooled soon. 




While not 2021 builds (they are 2019 and 2020 builds), I did take an opportunity when it snowed in January to take some photos of two of my anti flash white Vulcans. Kind of looks like clouds.




The next completed build was this 1/144 scale GWH Handley Page Victor. As nice as this kit is, you can't build an accurate Victor out the box for either issue of the kit. Basically K2 has the wrong wings and the B2R is missing the Blue Steel Missile. So I took a Blue Steel from the Trumpeter Vulcan (itself missing an entire fin) and made some modifications to fit it. Not the most accurate but it looks about right. The kit was bought second hand with the fuselage and intakes built. If the intakes hadn't been built I might have gone for a white Victor B.Mk.2 pre Blue Steel, maybe I'll do that at some point but it's a lot of modifications..... which is exactly what I like in a build!


Camo is soft edged as is correct for early V Bomber camouflage schemes, it's an overscale effect but I don't mind that






After that, another camouflage V Bomber. A Vulcan.... with kiwi roundels? Yes, this actually happened! On a visit to New Zealand in 1972, XH562 was the victim of a zapping in the night by RNZAF personnel. Well worth reading up on a few funny stories that came about because of this.










Following on from that, it was a Blackburn Buccaneer S.2C. It took an unplanned flight during the build but despite that setback it ended up as a build I'm very pleased with.








This Special Hobby 1/72 Me209 had been sitting around unfinished for quite a while and then all of a sudden all my motivation to complete it returned. 


And a Zvezda 1/72 Bf109F I built at the same time. Yes, the gear doors are missing, yes this is intentional. This particular Bf109 didn't have them.




Airfix 1/72 Blenheim Mk1 next. This kit was a pain but I enjoyed the build. Very pleased with the result. This was my first time using Hataka paint, which I've stuck with since.





Next up is a 1/200 Vulcan B1a, an extensive conversion of the Cyberhobby Vulcan B2. It's painted as XA895, the prototype for the B1a (hence the scheme which is not standard got a B1a). A lot of the decals are ones I designed and printed myself.






Now we come to the modelling highlight of the year, the Unarmed Group Build. My first build was an Armstrong Whitworth Whitley freighter from the Airfix 1/72 kit.







Having this many images inserted is making my browser slow, I'll post the rest soon. 






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My favourite Soviet aircraft next, a 1/360 Tupolev Tu144S. This was in the Unarmed Group Build.




Blitzbuild of a Vulcan! XM605 c.1981, 1/200 Cyberhobby kit.








Back to the Unarmed Group Build with the Tupolev Tu144LL. I couldn't figure out how on earth the resin jetpipes were supposed to fit, so I went with its configuration in storage at Zhukovsky with original engines refitted (I think, that's what it looks like at least).






I started a 1/32 HK Models Lancaster but it hasn't really progressed since here very much.




My first tank scale model! 1/56 Pz38(t)



And finally, what I'd been waiting for all year! The new tool 1/72 Airfix Vulcan B2 finally released. Definitely my favourite build thread of the year but it was a pain and I found a lot of errors in the kit. Oh well, I do like the result though.






But before I post the finished model, I took a small break to repaint and improve a diecast 1/144 Vickers Valiant. All decals designed and printed myself.




Aaaand back to the vulcan






Aaaand burnt out again, so what did I do? The only logical thing: build another Vulcan. 1/144 GWH this time. Once again, mostly decals I made but not all.


Finally a finished Vulcan!..... minus the Blue Steel Missile because summer was over and off I went to uni.






Since going to uni I've only managed to compete one more model, which was this 1/200 Vulcan B1. Again, Cyberhobby Vulcan B2 kit with no end of modifications and a lot of my own decals.

























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It looks like you are a bit keen on the V bombers!


I was really taken with your photo of the two vulcans on the snow, a simple but highly effective representation of flight over cloud.I


Well done!

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A great collection Adam. Snow photo was wonderful. All I can say about your work is contagious enthusiasm. Looking forward to what you achieve in 2022.



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16 minutes ago, AdrianMF said:

Smashing output! And best wishes for your uni courses. Is a Vulcan prototype on the cards for 2022? :wicked:




Yes it definitely is, but this would depend on getting more 1/200 Vulcans to convert. I only have one left unbuilt and desperately need more

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6 hours ago, exdraken said:

I was expecting even more Vulcans! ;) 


wow, great selection!


Would have been if I had more 1/200 Cyberhobby or 1/144 GWH/Pit Road Vulcan kits to build or if Airfix actually released the 1/72 kit on time. I was planning six of those had it been on the for the original release, instead I only built one and have a second started.



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