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Show Biz: MCAS El Toro 1983

Old Viper Tester

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Some of the participants at the Marine Corps Air Station El Toro Air Show, May 1983.


A-6E 155689 VMA-121

155689 vma-121 VK07 KNZJ 19830507 20cr1


155689 vma-121 VK07 KNZJ 19830507 39cr


A-6E 155706 VMA-242

155706 vma-242 DT1 KNZJ 19830507 18cr1


F-4S 155754 VMFAT-101

155754 vmfat-101 SH03 KNZJ 19830507 16cr


RF-4B 157346 VMFP-3

157346 vmfp-3 RF31 KNZJ 19830507 03cr


UH-1N 158286 MCAS El Toro Rescue Flight

158286 mcas el toro KNZJ 19830507 10cr1


AV-8A 158699 VMA-513

158699 vma-513 WF04 KNZJ 19830507 10cr


A-7E 159270 VA-94

159270 va-94 NH402 KNZJ 19830507 22cr1


F-5E 159880/73-0895, Navy Fighter Weapons School

159880 usnfws 542 KNZJ 19830507 05cr


F-14A 161444, VX-4

161444 vx-4 XF47 KNZJ 19830507 02cr


L-5 41-7938

42-14934 N59AFL-5 KNZJ 19830507 11cr


PT-26A 42-66188/FV703/N46836

42-66188 FV703 N46836 KNZJ 19830507 13cr1


N3N-3 2792/N72792

2792 N72792 KNZJ 19830507 14cr



P-51D 44-72739/N44727 in the markings of 44-14292 "Man o' War"

44-72739 N44727 Man O' War, KNZJ 19830507 03cr


44-72739 N44727 Man O' War, KNZJ 19830507 21cr


P-51D 45-11628/NL151X "Ho Hun"

45-11628 Ho Hun NL151X KNZJ 19830507 06cr1


F-105D 62-4228 466th Tac Fighter Squadron, Air Force Reserve out of Hill AFB

62-4228 466tfs HI KNZJ 19830507 07cr


62-4228 466tfs HI KNZJ 19830507 03


T-38A 67-14929 86th Flying Training Squadron out of Williams AFB

67-14929 86fts 80ftw KNZJ 19830507 10cr1


F-15B 76-0138 426th Tac Fighter Squadron out of Luke AFB

76-0138 426tfs LA KNZJ 19830507 13cr


Too much excitement for my son. I was pulling him about in his wagon all day. Using my helmet bag as a pillow...

Leif MCAS El Toro 19830507 08


Thanks for looking,


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Great photos, Sven! My granddaughter loved going to airshows with me, and even hauling her around the ramps in a wagon wore her out, but great memories!

Thanks for sharing these with the rest of us!


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