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Boeing 767-200 ELAL Israel Airlines Revel conversion

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This is the first of 6 Boeing 767s that I built simultanously.

Revell's Boeing 767 kit is already 30 years old and got recently a re-release as Chelsea Rose British Airways.

For its age,the kit still stands up well,even compared to the newer Zvezda kit.

It has fewer parts and is overall simpler in design but it captures the lines of the 767 quite well.

For my conversion I used the first release kit from 1991,that came with Lauda and LTU S√ľd decals.(More on those builds later.. ūüėČ)

I had the ELAL decals for some years now and planned the build for a while,but other projects delayed the realisation.

The decals were from Liveries Unlimited and seemed to be in perfect condition,but upon application they showed their age.They started to tear as soon as they came out of the water and were also quite stiff.

A coat of liquid decal film solved the tearing but the stiffness remained...only careful application of softener helped,but then they started to tear up again.

Lot of TLC along with foul language and careful touch-ups led to an acceptable result.


The build and conversion itself were quite easy.5 windows in front and 5 behind the wings needed to be removed,then glue together the fuselage parts,followed with some filling and sanding and rescribe some lost panel lines.

The parts all go together really well and the fit is overall excellent.

 Painted with Gunze and Tamyia paints and the white for the fuselage is Gunze white primer coated with Gunze Premium clear.


I originally planned to build the first Boeing 767-200 of ELAL,4X-EAA,but when aplying the decals the letters "A"  for the registration fell victim to the carpet monster,so the second 767 was chosen.As I found nice pictures from the delivery of the 767,I chose not to weather it and build it factory fresh.













Next up is the Revell Boeing 767-336 British Airways in Landor livery...



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1 hour ago, Skodadriver said:

Very nice indeed Alex. The decals must have been over 20 years old. I think that was one of the very first Liveries Unlimited sheets.


Looking forward to more 767s !


Dave G

Thank you very much Dave.

More 767s will follow in the next days,the last 4 arexawaiting their final details and gloss coat.

Probably so,the decals looked good but were delicate to use,but I like those decals nonetheless.

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13 minutes ago, Abandoned Project said:

Very nice. Interested to see a finished Zvezda 767 next to a finished Revell 767,  if you have both to compare. 

Thank you very much.

Yes,I have the Zvezda kit as well.The upcoming 767s are all Zvezda.I will put the Revell one next to a Zvezda for comparison on the photo shoot.

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On 15/12/2021 at 09:35, Viking said:

Another lovely 767! I rather like the -200, it's one of the few airliners that I think looks even better in it's shortened version.





Thank you very much John.

Thats true,the -200 looks quite right in its proportions but I like the other versions the same,esp. with winglets

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On 15/12/2021 at 10:10, Rupert said:

Great model, I am sure that I am going to enjoy your half dozen 767s. I wonder if there will be a 400 amongst them!


Thank you very much Vincent.

The others will show up here shortly.

I still have 3 Revell kits in my stash,which I plan to do as BA Chelsea Rose,Air New Zealand (with winglets).

I have a -400 in mind to complete the 767 versions but haven't found a conversion set yet.And the number of airlines who operate that version is also limited.

Some research will be needed in that case.

Edited by Alex1978
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