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Tim K

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I've often thought while making a kit, I wish I could have made 2, ironing out the problems for the final kit. This kit luckily I had two kits in the stash and unluckily I had 2 kits in the stash.

My plan was to construct with a crew crashing into/through a wave as often seen on 'Saving Lives At Sea'.

The cabin looked bare so a bit of detail was added, the crew were made from silicone impressions of torso, leg arms etc and glued in a satisfactory way. The internal structures were finished and the main sides of the cabin structure fitted around the deck. 

It was only then that I discovered nothing really fitted and much as I tried the joins became more of an eye sore and so much attention required I pondered....


I found the kit very difficult. The instructions are poor and the colour scheme incorrect when compared to real life photos. Certain items don't fit in the intended positions. Much dry fitting was required with blue tak and tape before committing to glueing.


The super structure walls and internal structure were glued.



The control area was detailed....



The crew were made from silicone moulds and glued together for their roles in the cabin.



And fitted 



The cabin super structure was glued in place 

After much attention to the joints which in my hands found the bevelled joints really difficult I decided to cut it down the middle and start the superstructure again.



with my dremel and chisel



On with the new super structure.....

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photos again :(
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