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Tamiya M5A1


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On 12/11/2021 at 6:36 PM, Arturo said:

Just completed the M5A1. Pls enjoy the video. Thanks. 


Please post phots, links to you tube channels are not allowed



I do videos of all my models for the look and drama. Like to add music. Make it cinematic. I wasn’t able to post video so I used uTube link. No hidden agenda. 

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Maybe my contribution rather belongs to the chat, but I prefer to see pictures here. It is direct and faster to view than a video and in case I want to I may take more time to view the pics.


In case the pictures are "promising" I might follow a link to a video hoping for a good audio description of the build (or something like that) and NO drama music (and I strongly dislike the longish repetitive generic introductions in many many many many video channels). This is not directly related to your video, I haven't seen it, no offense intended.


This here is a very positive example in my opinion:

Promising pics, video "enhancing" the pics with apropriate sound and apropriate animation, no nonsense drama music, no time wasted in generic intro


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