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1/48 Vampire F1 conversion for Airfix Vampire F3 from Wells Props Models


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Hi all,


After some time away from CAD modelling and 3D printing, I'm back with a new product!


Vampire F1 conversion that is a direct drop-in replacement for Airfix's 1/48 Vampire F3.


£12 each plus £3 postage (UK), worldwide postage is £10. Drop me a message if you would like a kit. 

Sea Vampire F20 to follow :D


Heres the kit




Booms Complete


Individual parts breakdown

Booms Breakdown






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16 hours ago, 71chally said:

Early Sea Vampire would be nice aswel, with the arrestor housing/fairing, probably limited market though.


I want one for my collection anyway, so... :D


10 minutes ago, Caerbannog said:

Would like to see the high altitude version 🙂 On the other hand I guess it is still available from Alicat.


It's on the "to-do" list, need to figure out how to best do the canopy!

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2 hours ago, wellsprop said:


T11 conversion, perhaps 😉

It wasn't the conversion I couldn't see catching on but Amos being happy with what was on offer, no demands. Sorry if I'm over literalising this. :shrug:

The conversion looks cool, I've a similar one in injected plastic from Jays models in 1/72, it is a neat idea.


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