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An Air UK Pair Part 2 - BAe-146-100 in 1/144

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When I posted my Fokker 100 a few days ago I mentioned that I had a second Air UK model on the way and here it is - the Revell BAe-146-100 (the TNT boxing) finished as G-UKJF circa 1993.


G-UKJF had a rather nomadic life beginning with TABA Airlines of Brazil in 1983 and ending with WDL Aviation in Germany who retired her in 2012. She was with Air UK from 1990 until 1998.


Like the Revell 146-200 the -100 kit is an easy, pleasant build apart from the fiddly undercarriage. I deleted the cargo door on the aft left fuselage and scribed a few panel lines but otherwise the build is OOB.


Paint is overall Halfords white with Tamiya and Revell metallics.


Livery decals are by Two Six with an Authentic Airliners windscreen and detail decals from the kit sheet.


Thanks for looking and as always constructive criticism is welcome.


Dave G










and finally the two together ...





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Re-upload photos
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9 hours ago, Dogtail2 said:

Another one from my logbook.  Amazing.  F27 next?

Thanks very much @Dogtail2.  I don't have any more Air UK models planned at the moment but I may eventually get round to a BAC 1-11 like so. I used up my last Doyusha F27 a while ago and I totally refuse to pay the silly money asked for Eastern Express so I'm afraid there won't be an F27 anytime soon.


4 hours ago, Abandoned Project said:

Is it me or are the pics a bit blue?

Fantastic Whisperjet BTW.

Now that you mention it @Abandoned Project you're right about the photos. It was freezing cold and a bit overcast and I just posted them more or less straight from the camera. Since you've pointed it out they do look a bit blue and chilly. I'll do a quick post-process and re-upload. I'll also check the camera's colour temperature settings!

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allthough not being a fan of the authentic 3d decals for many reasons, i really like your air UK fleet. i'm a big fan of those vintage 90s liveries and your crafting is solid as usual.

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Wonderful build again Dave.

The BAe 146 kuts from Revell are nice little kits.A shame that they are not available from Revell anymore.On some auction sites they are sold for ridiculous prices.

I always liked this Air UK livery and have also ordered a set at 26decals a while ago.


Still also have the ESCI F-27 1/72 kit with these decals.


Thanks for sharing

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