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F-4 FGR2 Revell 1/48


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Hi all,


My Phantom FGR2 from Revell (Hasegawa). Painted with Mr. Color and weathering with Mig products. Aires cockpit was used (horrible fit), Eduard RBF tags. All comments and feedbacks are welcome !


















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8 hours ago, Alan P said:

Very nicely done, authentic paintwork adds so much to the quality of the build. Really good job!


@Anthony in NZ if you insist on not doing a proper* British Phantom, this is the paintjob you were looking for!




*892 NAS, obvs

I havent ruled out a RN one still LOL.  But you're right, this is beautifully executed!


Well done Thit, getting a paintjob to look authentic is an art...you did it, well done!

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