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'99 YZF R1


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So after fifty-plus years of hammering bits of injected plastic together, I decided it may be time to build my first ever motorcycle. Didn't put any thought in to 'which one', just bought a cheap Tamiya kit, watched a couple of YT build videos and took a brave pill !!











Nothing extra added except glue and paint (Tamiya TS51 Racing Blue and my own brew of 'dark silver'). Did I enjoy it ? - well yes, it really did fall together probably because I followed the instructions VERY closely; Will I buy another, erm... perhaps, if I do it will be a racing machine, but which one depends upon whether I can find another cheap - probably Tamiya - kit hereabouts.


Feel free to ask any questions, hurl any insults or make any comments. All the very best from New Zealand.




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