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Hokkaido QRA - JASDF F-104J 203rd Hikotai

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This is my F-104J of the Japan Air Self Defence Force, 2nd Air Wing, 203rd tactical fighter squadron (hikotai). 

I built it for the Interceptors Group Build, starting in November...last year! Just finished it finally about two weeks ago and took some photos today.




I chose the 203rd because it based at Chitose Air Base on the island of Hokkaido, a place dear to my heart after some lovely holidays there a few years ago when we lived close to Japan. I miss it very much. Also, I chose this because of the awesome tail marking.




It's what you'd expect from Hasegawa - high quality but a bit finicky. My boxing came with the two seater as well but I think I will hold off on building that one for a while.




I sprayed the wings and fuselage with tamiya sprays and the rest is done with Vallejo acrylics. The decals were very nice and easy to apply.




I'm not an enormous fan of the F-104 but I do think it looks cool. The double box set was a bargain when I got it, which was why I got it, but in the end I am glad I did because this is one of the better models I've made in a good while.


Thanks for looking!


Here is the rather drawn out build thread for those interested:


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