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Fouga Magister - IDF demonstration team - Special Hobby 1/72

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Hi All,


Here is another bird completed this year. In fact I finished this one back in August but have not made a photosession until yesterday. So here it is - Fouga Magister in IDF demonstration team colours:




Not much to say about the prototype as its history is pretty well-known. A training aircraft that flew with numerous air forces for many-many years as a basic trainer. In IDF though it made quite a career serving not only as a trainer but also as an attack aircraft and a demonstration team airplane and was further upgraded to Tzukit standard with updated avionics, engines, etc. 


IMG_4271 IMG_4294 IMG_4324 IMG_4373


The kit used is a newly released Special Hobby option. Overall a nice kit with impressive level of details in cockpit, undercarriage bays, full engine details are also provided. Fit is good but tight at times. Pay attention to cockpit as after closing the fuselage you may find out that the canopy is too narrow. Cockpit interior needs to be carefully trimmed to make sure it does not stretch fuselage sides. Also I would advise to start canopy attachment with front and rear sections, then install two-part middle section and finish with opening sections which you may trim as appropriate if they do not fit. 


More construction details are available at the WIP thread. 



IMG_4279 IMG_4358 IMG_4315


Very minimal aftermarket sets were used - resin wheels from CMK (although kit wheels are not at all bad either), seat belts from spares and that is it. And I do not think I made any substantial improvements either as the kit looks very convincing out of the box.


IMG_4306 IMG_4341 IMG_4284 IMG_4354


The kit I had was for exotic African Air Forces but my intention was always to make an Israeli machine, so an Isradecal set for Fouga Magisters was bought. That one unfortunately was a disappointment almost ruining the whole project... Large white decal stripes turned out extremely brittle. While I was able to deal with them on flat surfaces, on curved area around V-tails that broke apart and in fact did not fit the area well too. Particularly poor result is on port side where I had to overpaint cracks with white paint and still not super satisfied with outcome. 


IMG_4377 IMG_4333 IMG_4386 IMG_4362


Paints used are Hobby Colour blue H328 (FS15050) well diluted with white - I tried to be as close to the blue colour of Stars of David, obviously black, white and silver from Vallejo and lastly H318 tan for undercarriage interiors. I was matching this to the photoes of real French Magisters and that seemed to be the closest match. Final finish with Gloss Tamiya clear. 


IMG_4399 IMG_4409


Now there are couple more shots "with others". My full IDF collection firstly: 




And all the bright jet trainers secondly:




Hope you like it :)


Kind regards,




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Thanks all for the nice comments and likes!!!

On 07/12/2021 at 10:35, spejic said:

Thank you for giving us those helpful hints. I have this kit and your experience will be very useful.

Let me know if you have some questions. Would be glad to help.


On 06/12/2021 at 17:00, SAT69 said:

The Canadian T-Bird caught my eye. A lovely model there.

I have an RFI here if you like more photoes of it :)


Kind regards,


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