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BM-13 "Катюша" on Fordson W.O.T.8

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Good day, colleagues!

I finally completed my "long-term construction"
The model started at the release, but somehow the assembly did not work right away.
Later, the box was again "dug out" in stocks and thoughtfully and with the arrangement "brought" to mind.

So, "Katyusha" on the chassis of the British 1.5t truck Fordson W.O.T.8
of these trucks were delivered to the USSR under lend-lease approximately 730 pcs. and naturally, due to the lack of chassis for the Katyusha, the installation was pushed onto this truck as well.
In principle, there are few photos of this car, but with Katyusha on board there are 5 pieces at all
But even when studying these photos, there were quite a lot of inconsistencies between the ICM product and the real prototype.

1. Added the "Katyusha" control panel to the cabin
2.Added Battery box
3. Redesigned front window flaps.
4.Added a junction box on "Katyusha"
5.Corrugated flanks added
6. Slightly "welded" the "Katyusha"
7. Completion of the Katyusha farm
8.Completely redesigned the jacks
9. Modified rockets
Of the additions - wheels from PanzerArt with a disc replaced with a native one (wheels from W.O.T. were not on sale then, I had to scratchbuild)
Etching from Microdesign
Driver from ICM
A certain number of bolts from MasterClub

Coloring - Akan, Alclad II, a little Tamiya
Oil and pigments - some "Hispanic"
The result is in the photos

Enjoy watching.



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2 hours ago, Lazy Modeller said:

Wow! What a marvellous conversion.👍




7 hours ago, Bullbasket said:

You've done an excellent job on this conversion. It looks great. 




Only this is not a conversion, this is a kit from ICM -

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3 hours ago, Nenad Ilijic said:

Wow, this is first class modeling Sergei.


Especially attention to detail and dedication to accuracy. :worthy:


Thanks for sharing reference photos.






4 hours ago, diablo rsv said:

That's an interesting vehicle and very nicely modelled.




6 hours ago, Juan Carlos Duque Arango said:

:goodjob: Excelente trabajo ¡¡¡


9 hours ago, FrancisGL said:

Hi Sergei,

A very interesting model, and very little seen, it must have been difficult to "fix" what you say, but the result is very good in my opinion, very well finished.
Cheers and TC

Thank you for your kind words)

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