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RAF late 1980's Training Aircraft project

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Like it, partly because it's a great project but also because:


1. I also remember that photo, from what was a very formative point in my life,

2. I have also considered a similar project in the past,


3. I've flown 3 of those types during training as P1 (Bulldog, Tucano, Gazelle) and flown on a number of occasions in another 2 of them (Chipmunk and Wessex)!


Happy days!


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Superb collection, and wonderfully consistent build quality throughout all the models - top work!


1 hour ago, Pete in a shed said:

Reminds me of my time on YUAS at Finningley.


And me of flying Bulldogs with UWAS at St. Athan :)


9 hours ago, falcon said:

Only the Hawk T.1 remains in service unfortunately.


Don't the BBMF still have a couple of Chippies? 


Really impressive modelling falcon!





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Cheers guys. 👍


BBMF do indeed have a couple of chippies but are only really used for training the BBMF pilots on tail wheel aircraft, scouting new venues and a taxi service for pilots and spares.

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