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Microsoft Flight Simulator: Reno Air Race Collection


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I need a new graphics card.


There is recently-released expansion packfor the latest version of Microsoft Flight Simulator which is all about the National Championship Air Races held annually at Reno, Nevada and includes aircraft in four classes: Biplane (all Pitts S-1 Specials), T-6, Jet (all Aero L-39s) and Unlimited (all P-51A and D Mustangs).


Even if you're not a Reno fan like me, please do yourself a favour and check out these videos. I've never seen anything like it in my 20yr in the hobby. The detail is truly incredible.


Here's a beta* look at the Reno Air Race expansion, featuring a 1v1 P-51D race of eight laps. It looks spectacular! I'm eager to see how ADI, engine management etc comes into play. (*note the missing undercarriage on some Mustangs on the flightline and a couple of funky-looking gauges in the cockpit)


A great thread is running at Sim Outhouse (hopefully you can read the forum without being a member) where seasoned simmers are getting into it and sharing their thoughts. Keep an eye out for posts by "bomber12th" - that's John Terrell who is a world-renowned expert on the P-51 family and T-6 and has consulted on previous top-quality P-51 and T-6 addons for Flight Simulator but had no involvement in this one. 


Some of the comments and screenshots in the thread regarding various issues have tempered my enthusiasm somewhat, but my optimistic side is thinking the issues will be addressed and it still looks super fun.

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All I have is an old ( 2002 ) Combat Flight Sim 3. That's WW2 over Northwest Europe. I bought an add-on a couple years after I bought it, to add more aircraft.


I've nuked Berlin at night!





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