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1962 Lindberg Heinkel.


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Just purchased, off E bay, an old 1962 Lindberg Heinkel kit. The seller warned me that there could be pieces missing and for sure there was. So before we all start falling about laughing, I thought it would come in handy as to just paint the parts with the airbrush; and get some practice in


If there is a chance of getting it sorted, however,  I would love to use it as a project and build it. I can see this is a bit slim; due to it being an old kit. However, most of the parts are there and the ones that are broke will be fixed.


At a million to one shot what would be the chances of getting an upper Aileron and some propellers for this project. Any suggestions as to were to source parts are 3D print them; without getting into silly money.


Could anyone tell me the scale of this kit as its a bit bigger than 1/72.


P.S - Not sure if Ive posted in the right place. Is there a place in the forums where you could possible ask people and try to scrounge spare parts. 


Thank you most kindly.   

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16 hours ago, dogsbody said:

Which Heinkel? In 1/64 scale there was a He-111. Any other Lindberg Heinkels were 1/72 scale.









Sorry, yes its the He 111. Judging from the information, scale mates give, I think its the re-boxed version from 1962 as the box looks like it opens from the side, as suggested in the facts. Where as in the case of the 58 version it opens from the top. Another reason to say its the 62 version is, though the picture of the bomber appears on both boxes, I think the original had the picture of the bomber on one side and something else on the other. Then when they re-released it, in the cello-vision box, thats when they have put the picture of the bomber on one side and the advert for cello-vision on the other. 


I think its the 1962 1/64 version of the Heinkel He-111

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