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Old Airfix Mosquito, 1/72 W4090.....

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Realizing I didn't have an all black Mosquito in the Mosquito collection, I chose to do the old Airfix kit in all its raised rivet and panel line glory. The all black scheme is the first Mosquito I ever remember as a child so I thought the choice of the old Airfix kit appropriate.


An Aires Night Fighter cockpit, bulged tires and my own vac canopy.








My attempt at gray panel lines failed but in the end I got my all black Airfix Mosquito. Only lightly weathered with exhaust streaks as she appeared during testing.






Drilled holes through the wings and used thin steel wire for the various antenna.


















Of course there are much better Mossies out there but I wanted the old Airfix. I'll do a Tamiya Tamorrow.




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That looks very nice Allan. I'm intrigued by the cockpit set, is this the one Aries sell for the Tamiya Mosquito kit or an earlier one they did for an Airfix one (not that I've ever heard of that) Either way, how was it to fit, it looks good, certainly an area of this kit that need a makeover?


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There are lots of new mould Airfix Mossies appearing on the forum, but that model more than holds its own among them. Hard to believe it's the older mould as your build is so good.

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Thanks all, I'm actually just starting the new tool Airfix and it's a COMPLETELY different kit !! Someone else on another site just challenged me to build the very first series one Mosquito that Airfix did. Evilbay has filled that void in my stash. Out will come the itty bitty Testors bottles and brushes and paint it just like the box art, hopefully I can use the decals somehow.




Steve that's the interior for the Tamiya kit. I like the Aires as they all seem nice and thin, and that's the third one I've used, the frog 110 and 87 are the others.

Fit is hit or miss, the 110 resin went in with little fuss, this Mosquito was the opposite.

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