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Pegasus XP-40Q


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I'm going to throw my hat into the ring with this one, I had plans to do it for a P-40 build a couple of years ago, got it as far as the wings then realised I'd made a mess of gluing them, there was no ledge where the lower wing parts fitted against the flaps/ailerons at the back of the lowers so they went far too deep into the wing. :( I kicked for touch on that, I was tight for time anyway (who me??!! 😮  ) I've since pried/sliced the wings apart & ready to give it another go.

This was the start shot that never got put up for the P-40 build, I hadn't even got around to starting a thread for that, I don't think. :unsure:



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Turns out I was a bit further along than I thought when I rummaged through some images. 


 & even further than that by the rubbing down that was evident when I dug out the plastic box it was interred in a bit later. This gives an idea of where I got to less the dismembered wing. The other I couldn't separate without risking some terminal damage.


At close of play today, the wings reglued, a sliver of plastic card in a hole sliced in the right wing leading edge & a bit of tension to try & hold the dihedral somewhere near right.


I'm hoping I can move this along quite quickly but with just over 3 weeks to the end of Ragnar's Rock Nordic GB, I'll concentrate in my wee Finnish Hawk till I see the end of that in sight.


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