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Bristol Blenheim Mk.IV "Lorraine" - MPM 1/72

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MPM Kit started some time ago and dropped when Airfix released its new tool Blenheim Mk.IV. I finally decided to finish it.
Typical short run, the kit is not an easy assembly. Especially the adjustment of the four transparent nose pieces, together with all the interior parts, was a nightmare. Several other parts had to be fixed or built. Still, the final result has several errors that I couldn't (or chose not to) correct. Looking back, although I'm reasonably satisfied with the result, I believe I should have bought the new Airfix. I would have gotten a better result with much less effort.
The model represents a Bristol Blenheim Mk.IV from the GRB 1 "Lorraine", FAFL, based in Syria in 1941. The markings have been painted, except for the serial number and tactical number.





















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