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Here comes the Fleet Air Arm Chat

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Well I've tried to do a search and haven't found anything, (boggles the mind as to why) so I'm a gonna run it up the flag pole and see if anyone salutes it. What I'm proposing is this..

A big ol' cuppa Fleet Air Arm. It can be any subject spanning the years 1914 to present. Doesn't matter if its Vac, resin, biplane, prop, airbag, jet you name it if it FAA its in, also ANY Equipment on land or sea used in direct support FAA , it's predecessors, or successors is eligible. And God willin and the creek don't rise maybe be lucky to get this in for next years bunfight for the 2023 season. So who with me? anyone? Bueller... Bueller... Bueller...


1. LorenSharp

.2.@Grey Beema

3.  @Jb65rams

4.  @Paul Bradley


6.  @DaveJL

7.    @Col.

8.   @franky boy

9.  @zebra

10.  @stevehnz

11.  @mackem01

12.  @Dermo245

13.  @Corsairfoxfouruncle

14.  @TonyOD

15.  @bigbadbadge

16.  @Thom216

17.  @CliffB

18.  @theplasticsurgeon

19.  @alt-92

20.  @vppelt68

21.  @Marklo

22,  @Evil_Toast_RSA

23.   @Bobby No Mac

24.  @wellsprop

25.  @zegeye

26. @Tim R-T-C


28. @reini

29.  @Broadway

30.  @galgos

31.  @bigfoot

32.   @Dunny

33.    @Steve 1602

34.   @Derek D.

33.    @mil 24


35.   @Ngantek

36.     @PeterB

37. @Grandboof

38.  @Rafwaffe

39.  @Maginot

40.  @Chewbacca

41. @Procopius

42.  @Paul J

43. @mick b

44. @Ray S

45 @2996 Victor

46. @Louise

47.  @Mark

48. @Navy Bird

49 @2996 Victor

50. @Christer A

51. @Wicksy

52. @Hairy Stickler

53.  @Geo1966

54. @Beardybloke

55. @Karearea

56. @Mattp7999

57. @rafalbert

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1 hour ago, TEMPESTMK5 said:

Good evening

 Please add my name I have a few kits suitable in my stash ...


Best Regards



1 hour ago, DaveJL said:

Sign me up for this one. I've a 1/48  Sea Harrier FA.2, Phantom FG.1, Wessex and Sea King all in the stash!


57 minutes ago, Col. said:

Oh yes please and thank you :thumbsup:


54 minutes ago, franky boy said:

Yes please,I’m definitely in for this one. 


Im sure it’s been done before but about 10+ years ago. 




40 minutes ago, zebra said:

Count me in. Could be the opportunity I need to build a Hunter T.8M.

Thank you Gentlemen You've been added forthwith. May God have mercy on our wretched souls !

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There's a fair selection in my stash; two Hawker Nimrod, a Seafox, a Swordfish, multiple Seafires, Sea Hurricanes, Sea Furys, Fireflys, a Meteor, Hunters, a Sea Vixen, and countless Sea Harriers. Think that's the bulk of it but sure there'll be a few more I've forgotten about.

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