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Ferrari P330 P 3/4 the revenge


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At the Daytona race of 1967 which was the opening season race for the world sports cars championship the car took for the first 3 places and arrived together , it was  better remembered as the revenge of il commendatore .  From then on the car went into decline since Fiat had ordered the old man to abandon sports car racing to limit losses and to concentrate on F1 only .

The purchase : This is a Union model from ages ago ,I found it in Japan online and paid a whopping 70 usd when at the time it went for below 15 usd . Curiosity possessed me

The cons  . Hopeless decals , out dated and not historically correct . The tires have deteriorated and crack . The cockpit is spartan and has no decals .

The pros : nice engine and well engineered ,I should have done the wiring since the distributors are there . The clear acrylics are good .  shock absorbers are metal rings .

The build : to get the front chassis to fit to the car bodywork I had to use clamps and glue it permanently . The rest went well ,the engine fits well . The brass 1mm rods that hold the bulkhead to the rear end of the chassis is an addition since the kit supplies the rods in styrene and they cracked .

Colors : Italian red , gold leaf , steel , semi gloss black , aluminium and Flat white .

Seat belts : Etsy .

Decals : Indycals and these are correct .


Union collectibles


side view right view rear rear top view left view front engine cockpit


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Great job, these often appear on eBay.  I've never actually been tempted,  as up until now I've never seen one built and I always assumed they would be a pig to build. Judging by your comments I was right.  However the addition of the engine does make finished model alot cooler 😎- Andy 

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hello everyone 

It was as i mentioned curiosity . Now that this has been appeased i am able to judge wether it was well worth it ,  The challenge and trying to make it look decent was the fun bit but at a price .

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